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The Transfer That Got Away: Man City’s Decision to Snub Sadio Mane

by NaijNaira
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The Transfer That Got Away Man City's Decision to Snub Sadio Mane

Yaya Toure, former midfielder for Manchester City, recently revealed that the club ignored his advice to sign Sadio Mane while he was still playing for Southampton.

Mane eventually joined Liverpool in 2016 and went on to achieve great success, winning both the Champions League and Premier League titles before moving to Bayern Munich last season.

Toure expressed his admiration for Mane’s skills and regretted that City did not take his advice to sign him.

He credited Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp for recognizing Mane’s talent and praised the player for his brilliant performances.

Toure, speaking on BBC Match of the Day Africa: Top 10, said: “I always wanted to play with him [Mane].

“When I was at City, at the time when he was at Southampton, I highly regarded him and I was asking some of my superiors to just sign him. But in the end it just didn’t happen.

“After that, Klopp had the eyes to get him and now look at what he did for Liverpool, he was brilliant. I like him, I like him as a player.”

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