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Tinted glass permits to be reintroduced by police

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Tinted glass permits to be reintroduced by police

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The prevailing insecurity in the country has prompted the police to announce the forthcoming reintroduction of permits for vehicles with tinted glass across the nation. The increasing prevalence of crimes committed using tinted glass, particularly by young individuals, has become unacceptable.

According to the Force Public Relations Officer, ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, some states have also reported cases of criminals utilizing such vehicles to carry out illegal activities.

The Inspector-General of Police, Kayode Egbetokun, has established a committee to review this matter.

Once the committee concludes its work and submits its report, a decision will be made regarding the reintroduction of tinted glass permits.

Previously, under the former IG, Usman Baba, the issuance of tinted permits was suspended. However, the police were still authorized to stop and search vehicles with tinted glass, although they were instructed not to demand a permit.

Many Nigerians were relieved when the permit was suspended, as it alleviated the usual harassment from policemen.

Nevertheless, Adejobi emphasizes that the reintroduction of the permit is necessary to further combat crime throughout the country.

He asserts that the committee will carefully examine the issue and make an appropriate decision based on its findings.

In addition to tinted glass permits, the committee will also address other concerns such as covered number plates, revolving lights, unregistered vehicles, and the misuse of vehicle logos instead of number plates.

Adejobi assures that the committee will propose effective solutions to tackle these issues.

Covered number plates, the illegal use of revolving lights, unregistered vehicles, and the placement of vehicle logos in front instead of number plates are all violations of Nigerian law.

Although successive Inspectors-General of Police have warned against the use of covered number plates and the provision of police escort to private individuals, enforcement has often been relaxed soon after.

Adejobi acknowledges this and states that the committee will develop comprehensive policies to address these recurring problems.

Regarding police escorts for VIPs, while the IG opposes the deployment of policemen to unqualified persons, there are individuals who are legally entitled to police protection.

Adejobi mentions that the police are working with private security companies and emphasizes that not all individuals who approach these companies are eligible for protection.

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