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Ubi Franklin Called Out Online Over Unpaid Debt

by NaijNaira
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After contact with a UI/UX designer via Iyanya, Nigerian politician and businessman Ubi Franklin recently came under fire on Twitter for an unpaid debt.

A Twitter user alleges she produced UI/UX designs for Franklin throughout the race but hasn’t been paid for her services.

The user said that Franklin refused to pay her since there were no banks open at the time the project was completed and till now the money hasn’t been paid.

See some of her tweet below:

“Good afternoon Twitter NG. Please help me tell @ubifranklin1 to pay the money he owes me. In January, Mr Ubi Franklin reached out to me through @Iyanya ‘s twitter account to tell me there were a few projects he wanted us to work on. Of course I was excited to see @Iyanya ‘s dm and was happy to work together. 

Our agreement was that I would redesign the website, then design a landlord, tenant, lending company and lawyers portal for 500k. We had this conversation Feb 13th on a zoom call, and he asked me to send an invoice which I did immediately.

Please all I want is for him to pay me what he owes me. I’m a quiet and peaceful young woman, trying to make ends meet. Ubi Franklin should not try to oppress me, I did not beg him for money, it’s my hard earned money and my right.”


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