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UNILAG School/Acceptance Fees Academic Session

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UNILAG School Fees 2021/2022

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How much is Unilag school fees 2021/2022 and acceptance fees? Are you a hopeful or newly admitted student? Or a parent to an Admitted UNILAG student?

If the answer to these questions is yes, knowing the various acceptance fees and school fees that need to be paid is very important.

University of Lagos is one of the best institutions that most jamb applicants seek for admission. Statistics show that 1 out of every 10 jamb applicants chooses the University as their desired choice.

Why then do students prefer this institution as their institution of study?

The institution has many credits, which has set her at the top of the very best in Nigeria.

Some of these credits include the Study Courses, extra-curricular activities, and the environment itself.

However, with demand comes costs, and the Unilage Academic fess has never really been the cheapest.

Here is a look at the UNILAG School Fees 2021/2022.

UNILAG School Fees 2021/2022


The University of Lagos, like every other top government institution, has standard requirements for jamb applicants before they can be admitted to the institution.

Every student who aspires to be a student of the University of Lagos must attain a minimum score of 200 mark in jamb before purchasing the post UTME form for further screening processes.


The acceptance fee of the University of Lagos, usually paid by the newly admitted student, is ₦20,000 (twenty thousand Naira) only.

Fortunately, the school has one of the cheapest Acceptance fees compared to other Federal government-run universities.


Freshers Fees

How much is unilag school fees for freshers 2021?

The University of Lagos has many undergraduate programs, departments, and disciplines.

Some of these academic programs have different time lengths of study. Some could be 4, 5, or 6 years depending on what the student put in for.

The programs are usually classified into Science and non-science programs with differing school fees. Aside from that, there is also a differing fee paid by new students and the returning students.

Usually, for almost all institutions, the school fee paid by the newly admitted student is higher than what is paid by the old or returning student.

Science students’ school fees are higher than what non-science students pay for both new and returning students. Some extra fees that the latter pay include payment of laboratory dues

The school fee paid by newly admitted science students is ₦66,000, while that of the non-science student is ₦56,000. The difference between the two is ₦10,000.

This amount paid the first-year student is analyzed as follows:

Acceptance fee20000.0020000.00
Identity Card1000.001000.00
Results verification5000.005000.00
Medical services5000.005000.00
Laboratory services10000.00 
Library services2500.002500.00
Student handbook1000.001000.00
Information on Technology2000.002000.00
Endowment funds5000.005000.00
Matriculation gown1000.001000.00

The above table shows the analysis of school fees paid by newly admitted science and non-science students. The humanities or non-science students do not need the laboratory services, so they don’t pay for them.

Unilag school fees per semester (Returning Students)

Apart from the first year, subsequent fees paid by students are significantly cheaper.

For the Normal four-year program, students will only need to pay ₦14,500 to ₦19,500 from 200 to 400 level.

There is a relative reduction in the fees paid compared to newly admitted students for returning students. For instance, returning students do not need to pay for handbooks (usually given in the first year of admission to new students) or matriculation gowns.  

Non-science returning students also pay a reduced amount as they don’t pay for laboratory service like their fellow freshly admitted students.

The fees paid by science students as returning science students is ₦19,500, while that of the non-science students is ₦14,500.

The amount is analyzed in the table below:

Identity card1000.001000.0)
Medical services1000.001000.00
Laboratory services5000.00 
Information Technology1000.001000.00
Library services1500.001500.00
Endowment fund1000.001000.00

After matriculation into the academic institution, you start paying the reduced amount in your subsequent years of study as a returning student.

These amounts analyzed in the above tables are the standard amount paid by all students except that those undertaking more than 4-year degrees will pay more as they go further.

The University of Lagos, despite the above amount, is still one of the cheapest institutions in the country. The jamb applicants don’t have any problem with the school fee, hence the increased number of students applying to the institution every year.

How to pay UNILAG acceptance fee 2021

Step One

Upload Documents

Go to Unilag Students Portal at www.unilag.edu.ng, then navigate to STUDENTS and then to STUDENT LOGIN and fill the Biodata form, but you must upload the following documents while filling the Biodata form:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Letter of Reference
  • Secondary Schools Testimonial
  • Certificate of State of Origin
  • JAMB Admission Letter
  • Previous Degree Certificate (DE Students)

Step Two


(i) Proceed to the Faculty for registration as scheduled

(ii) Submit four copies of the following documents to the Registration Officer:

  • Screening Form generated from stage 1 (Coloured/photocopy)
  • UTME Result Slip (Coloured/photocopy)
  • UNILAG Post-UTME Result Slip (Coloured/photocopy) JUPEB/A-LEVEL/OND/HND/BSc. RESULT SLIP for DIRECT Entry candidates
  • O’Level Result Certificate (WAEC/NECO) (online version accepted)
  • Letter of Reference from Clergyman/Imam/Lawyer/ Senior Civil Servant, addressed to The Registrar, University of Lagos (original and photocopy)
  • Birth Certificate/Sworn Declaration of Age
  • Secondary School Testimonial
  • State of Origin Certificate
  • JAMB Admission Letter (Institution Copy – Coloured/photocopy)
  • UNILAG Online application form (DIRECT ENTRY ONLY)
  • 12 Passport Photographs

Step Three

Payment of Fees

  • Generate pay advice
  • Make payment to bank

Step Four

Faculty/Departmental Registration

Proceed to the Faculty & Departments for further registration processes


JUPEB, which is an acronym for Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Board, is an educational program established by the management of affiliated institutions for the admission of students who seek to gain admission into the tertiary institution without going through the UTME or the direct entry.

This JUPEB program is an approved educational procedure at the University of Lagos.

The programs provide students who intend to be bonafide students of the University to gain admission into the institution.

It is essential to add that the JUPEB academic program is approved by the National Universities Commission (NUC). It offers students a better chance of gaining admission into the institution.

JUPEB tends to provide students with a surer means of gaining admission into the concerned affiliated University.

It is essential to state that the JUPEB educational program, which is done within 3 years of study, offers qualified students directly to the 200 level of the institution.

Many interested students have been searching for the school fee of the JUPEB academic program of the University of Lagos.

It is important to note that the tuition fee for JUPEB academic program is expected to be paid before the commencement of the educational program.

Failure to pay early as required will attract an extra cost for late payment.

The tuition fee for JUPEB students of the University of Lagos is ₦407,000.00 for the 2021/2022 academic year.

It is essential to state that the above amount is strictly the tuition fee required by the University of Lagos JUPEB program.

What this means is that there are no fees like the acceptance fee.

Students are expected to make payments to the University of Lagos JUPEB educational system’s designated bank as early as possible so as not to attract extra charges.


How much is unilag school fees for part time?

Part-time programs are academic programs that provide flexibility for students who combine work or other extra activities with studies.

The University of Lagos, like other universities, offers part-time education proves uninterested students.

Part-time studies students have lots of flexibility in that its classes are held during holidays and in the evening.

This makes it an excellent option for the working class interested in studying.

The University of Lagos is one of such schools that offer part-time studies for undergraduate studies (even postgraduate degrees, with fewer course options, though).

It is important to note that the school fees for part-time studies are more expensive than full-time programs.

This is so because it takes an extra year of study, usually one or two years more than the full-time academic programs.

The University of Lagos offers part-time programs in Economics, business administration, public administration, Biology, chemistry, and physics education. The program, as stated earlier, lasts for more than the usual four-year program by a year or two.

The school fee amount for the University of Lagos part-time undergraduate is ₦140,000.

This amount varies with discipline, but this is what is paid on average.

Thereafter, all necessary learning materials are given to the student.

Part-time students are not allowed to pay school fees by installments.

They are to make full payment on the commencement of the program, aside from the price of the school, which is more expensive than the full-time programs.

Part-time studies students have the opportunity to be involved in various activities of their choice.

The part-time students already note this as most of them are working class, some with even families.

Unilag Hostel Fees

How much is unilag hostel fee? Unilag has various options of hostel available for male and female students.

The following hotels are for male students only.

  • Eni Njoku hall.
  • Saburi Biobaku hall.
  • The old El Kanerni hall.
  • King jaja hall.
  • Mariere hall.
  • Sodeinde hall.

The following hostels are for female students only.

  • Queen Amina hall
  • Kofo Ademola hall (alias madam Kofo hall)
  • Fagunwa hall
  • Makama-Bida hall
  • Queen Moremi hall
  • Honours hall
  • Madam Tinubu Hall (Alias MTH).

Unilag also has hostel provision that accommodates both male and female students, referred to as mixed hostels.

The following are mixed hostels.

  • Erastus Akingbola Hall
  • Henry Carr hall.

All of the following hostels except Sodeinde hall cost 25,000 Naira. Sodeinde hall fees usually range from ₦65,000 to 85,000 Naira.

Students are not mandated to stay in the following hostels, and as such, they can find other hostels off-campus for themselves.

Still, it is ideal for first-year students to stay in the hostels on the school campus for at least one year to settle in properly before deciding to go elsewhere.


University of Lagos is still one of the best schools in Nigeria, and intending students willing to gain admission into the institution must be willing to beat out the intense competition and meet up with the acceptance School fees as well.

In this article, the UNILAG School Fees 2021/2022 that students need to pay for their chosen type of admission have been outlined to help readers know what to expect as they gear up to attend the prestigious University.

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