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Which Mtn Plan Is The Best For Data & Calls In Nigeria?

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Which Mtn Plan Is The Best For Data

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Which Mtn Plan Is The Best For Data & Calls In Nigeria? Whether you need data for streaming, gaming, web browsing or all of the above, which Mtn plan is right for you — which is designed to fit your way of life so that you’ll enjoy browsing and streaming without spending a fortune on data usage.

Since you’re looking for a tariff plan that offers the best data and call rates, MTN Pulse (formerly known as iPulse prepaid) is a great option.

This is one of MTN’s most popular tariff plans, offering customers low data prices and some of the cheapest call rates out there.

Plus, with this plan, you’ll be able to spend hours on the phone talking to your friends and browsing your favourite webpages!

So if you’re an MTN customer, look no further – choose MTN Pulse and enjoy quality calls and loads of data at low cost.

Which of the MTN Tariff Plans Offers the Cheapest Call Rate?

Are you an MTN customer searching for a tariff plan with the lowest call rate? If so, then the MTN Pulse prepaid is your ideal choice.

Not only does this popular plan come with competitive data prices, but it also offers some of the most affordable call rates on the market. Plus, with MTN Pulse, you can spend hours talking to your friends and browsing websites without worrying about hefty bills!

So go ahead – sign up for the MTN Pulse prepaid today and start enjoying quality calls and loads of data at no extra cost!

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How to Migrate to MTN Pulse

Are you looking to join the MTN Pulse network? You can easily migrate from any existing prepaid tariff plan to the MTN Pulse Plan either by dialing the following codes *406*1# or *123*2*2#.

Alternatively, text 406 to 131 and you will receive an SMS confirming your successful migration.

The first migration into MTN Pulse is free, however for those wanting to switch plans more than once within a 30-day period will incur a charge of N100.

To avoid this fee, your original plan must be in effect for a minimum of 30 days before migrating again.

Which MTN Tariff Offers the Best Data Rates?

When it comes to data usage and low costs, MTN Pulse is the top choice. This tariff has both incredibly cheap call rates and fantastic data services, all without charging any extra daily or monthly access fee.

If you want the perfect plan with both low costs and bonuses, then MTN Pulse is the answer!

Prices and activation codes for MTN Pulse’s available data plans

The MTN Pulse plan offers a range of data plans for users to choose from. Each plan provides varied amounts of data, different prices, validity periods and activation codes.

These include the 750 MB data plan (750MB at N300 for 3 days – Activation code: *406*6#), and the 1.5 GB data plan (1.5GB at N500 for 7 days – Activation code: *406*2#).

A special bundle dedicated to Instagram and TikTokers is also available (350MB for N100 valid for 1 day – Activation code: *406*4*4#) or 1GB for N200 for 2 days (*406*4*4#).

Lastly, the Pulse Nightlife bundle includes 250MB of data at N25 or 500MB at N500 valid overnight (*406*3*1#).

More MTN Pulse Data Packages

MTN Pulse offers a range of exciting data bundles other than their popular tariff plan. For example, the MTN Pulse Goodybag allows you to access Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube and Opera Mini for just N25. To activate it, dial *406# and choose option

MTN Pulse InstaBinge helps you save data when you’re on Instagram; just dial *406# and select option 5 for InstaBinge.

Finally, dedicated music lovers can stream their favorite songs for N10 a day with the MTN Pulse Music bundle: Dial *406# and select 3 to get started!

MTN Pulse Night Data Plans

Are you a night owl who loves to browse the web late into the night? If so, MTN Pulse has just the perfect plan for you – the Night Data Plan.

This exclusive data bundle is designed exclusively with MTN Pulse subscribers in mind and can only be used between 11pm and 6am each day.

With this plan, customers can accumulate up to 2GB of data, but cannot exceed that limit. Any remaining data will automatically expire after 6am.

What MTN Pulse has to offer

MTN Pulse is the perfect tariff plan for university undergraduates and young professionals, as it offers a multitude of exciting benefits.

The call rates are extremely affordable at 11k per second across all local networks in Nigeria after the initial minute charge of 25.6k per second.

Music streaming on MTN music+ only costs N10 per day, while there is also a TikTok and Instagram bundle available for N200 valid for one week.

Moreover, customers get the benefit of a 10MB data bonus every month when they recharge, plus exclusive deals like pulse Tuesdays where highly discounted data plans are available at special prices.

With MTN Pulse you can also earn pulse points which you can trade in for free data. Plus loads more!

What Makes MTN Pulse the Best MTN Tariff Plan?

MTN Pulse is the best MTN tariff plan available, with unbeatable call rates, excellent data bundles and no daily, weekly or monthly access fees.

It’s easy to see why this plan is increasingly popular among MTN customers. Not only do you get great call rates, but also low costs for data along with discount prices on their night plans too.

This makes it one of the most cost-effective yet comprehensive packages out there.

Which MTN plan gives airtime and data bonus?

Are you looking for an MTN plan that gives both airtime and data bonus? Then the MTN BetaTalk prepaid tariff plan is perfect for you!

With this offer, you will get a 250% airtime bonus plus an additional 250% Data bonus when you recharge with any amount less than N100. Recharge with N100 and above and you will also receive 20MB or more in addition to the airtime bonus!

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