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How To Check Mtn Data Balance in Nigeria via SMS, USSD Code, MY MTN App

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How To Check Mtn Data Balance

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Do you know how to check MTN data balance in Nigeria on your Android, iPhone, Windows and others? Not to worry, all the USSD codes for knowing your current data balance are contained in this post.

All the best methods to find out your MTN data plans on Android, PC, MiFi Modems and so on are what I have compiled in this article.

Meanwhile, here is how to check Glo data balance via SMS as well as how to check my Mtn mifi data balance.

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How To Check Mtn Data Balance In Nigeria

Only three methods are available for checking data balance on MTN to know the volume of data you have left on your phone:

  1. USSD Code
  2. SMS
  3. MY MTN App

Code To Check Balance (USSD)

This first method of checking data balance on MTN is checking via USSD code which works perfectly on Android, Windows, iPhone and other types of phones. Though the USSD method is two and they are quite simple codes to use to know the remaining data bundle balance on your MTN line.

First Method (USSD Code): Dial *559*4# or *559# to check your MB data balance easily.

Second Method (USSD Code): Dial *131# > 4 to check the data balance. Mtn will respond with a message.

MTN data balance via SMS

If you don’t like to use the USSD method, you can opt for the SMS way of checking your MB balance on Mtn.

To know the reaming megabyte on your MTN SIM via SMS, type and send ‘BALANCE or STATUS’ (remove the quotes) to 131. Or send 2 to 131 or 403 to 131.

A response message showing the size of your MB and the expiry date of your current Internet subscription will display on you’re the screen of your phone.

Also, if you want to check the network’s data balance on iPad, Blackberry, Android, iPhone, Windows and other smartphones, the two methods I listed above will do the trick.

Meanwhile, I have written how to check 9mobile data balance via sms in this other article.

How to check data balance on My MTN app

The self-care app allows customers to control and manage their data usage, view how much data is used, check data balance and subscribe to MTN data too.

You can also use MY MTN App to activate and subscribe to data plans, check your data balance, buy a bundle with your Debit Card, buy a data bundle for a third party and view data usage per traffic type on social media like Facebook, YouTube, etc.

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How To Check MTN Airtime Balance Via Sms

Want to check the amount of airtime balance you have in your MTN line? You can do this quickly and without any added cost by simply sending an SMS. All you need to do is go to your messages app, create a new message, type in “8”, then send it to 131.

How To Check Mtn Sme Data Balance

If you are an MTN SME Data Plan sponsor, you will be able to purchase and share data in large quantities with others.

Alternatively, if you are the beneficiary on the plan, you will be able to receive the data from a Sponsor.

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How To Check Mtn Sme Data Balance via SMS

To check your data balance, send a text message with the keyword “DATABALANCE” to the number 131. Once received, you should receive an SMS notification in your inbox with details on your current data balance.

Checking with USSD code

If you want to check your data balance, all you have to do is dial *461# on your mobile phone and follow the on-screen prompts. This simple USSD code will quickly tell you how much data you still have left in your data plan.

Check Using SMS For Beneficiaries

If you are a beneficiary of this data plan, you can easily check your balance by sending an SMS. Simply text SHAREBALANCE to the shortcode 131 and wait for your balance to be sent to your phone. With this method, you can easily keep track of the data balance remaining on your MTN SME plan.

Check Using USSD Code For Beneficiaries

Do you need to check the MTN SME Data Balance given to you by a sponsor? If yes, you can easily check your data balance using a USSD. Just dial *461# and follow the prompt to access your account. This service is quick, easy, and secure so that you can get back to browsing in no time.

Wrapping Up

Now you know how to check Mtn data balance in Nigeria. And then again, for those of you who borrowed data from Mtn, I will like to inform you that the methods I explained above work for checking such data balances.

Also, these are some other useful MTN data balance codes you may need, for instance, if you want to check MTN Goodybag balance, text 403 to 131.

Any questions? See the comment box under.

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