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“Whiskey”: Burna Boy’s new music documentary gets releases date

by NaijNaira
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“Whiskey” Burna Boy’s new music documentary gets releases date

Burna Boy has released the date for his new music documentary titled “Whiskey.”

The Grammy award winner made the announcement on his Instagram page on Tuesday, posting a clip from the upcoming documentary and stating that it will be released on Thursday.

Burna Boy has been an advocate for the people of the Niger Delta, and with his new documentary, he claims to draw attention and increase awareness of the predicament of the area.

The Afrobeat musician captioned the clip, saying, ” We let the people tell their stories.

“The Whiskey mini-documentary will be released on Thursday at 7 p.m. (WAT).

The forthcoming documentary will focus on how oil extraction has caused the Niger Delta’s ecosystem to deteriorate, most recently with the soot issue that the area is currently experiencing.

According to research, the residents of Rivers State are “dying slowly” as a result of the soot pollution caused by illegal oil refining.

The investigation also exposed how ineffective regulatory bodies and security personnel were at resolving the issue.

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