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Why Obi can’t win case against People’s Gazette – US based professor

by NaijNaira
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US-Nigerian columnist, Professor Farooq Kperogi, has cast doubts on the ability of Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, to win a legal case against the Peoples Gazette.

Obi recently denied the authenticity of an audio call featuring him and Bishop David Oyedepo, the founder of Winners Chapel, published by the media platform.

However, Kperogi claims that Obi’s denial is baseless, as he personally used multiple deepfake detection software and found no evidence that the audio was edited or generated by Artificial Intelligence.

In his weekly column, Kperogi argues that Obi’s claim that the audio is fake is unlikely to hold up in court, as truth is the most important defense in libel law.

Furthermore, Obi’s own spokesperson and close personal media aide have all but confirmed the authenticity of the tape. According to Kperogi, Obi’s denial is simply an attempt to save face.

Kperogi’s analysis also reveals that Bishop Oyedepo himself has not questioned the veracity of the tape.

Rather, he has stated that Obi is one of several politicians who routinely call to seek his blessing and counsel and that he is not a political partisan.

This, in Kperogi’s view, confirms the Peoples Gazette’s story.

Kperogi warns that if Obi does indeed sue Peoples Gazette and others, he will face significant challenges in proving that the audio is fake.

The court will likely call IT experts to authenticate the tape, and if they confirm its authenticity, Obi’s credibility will be irreparably damaged.


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