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How To Withdraw Money From Sportybet Nigeria

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How To Withdraw Money From Sportybet Nigeria

The law of online sports betting is that if you don’t bet you don’t win. So for those who bet and win, are you wondering how you can withdraw your winnings?

Sportybet is a multinational and one of the best bookmakers or online sports betting companies that offer customized betting services to punters in Africa, particularly Nigeria.

With Sportybet, punters are allowed to bet and also withdraw their winnings into their bank accounts directly with ease.

Here is how to withdraw from Sportybet Nigeria below.

How To Withdraw Money From Sportybet Nigeria

Download & Install Sportybet Nigeria App On Mobile

Customers who bet and win on Sportybet Nigeria will be able to withdraw their winnings instantly up to a maximum limit of ₦9,999,999 per transaction on Sportybet.

While the minimum withdrawal on Sportybet is 1000 Naira.

All withdrawals made on Sportybet are free of charge, depending on the platform you’re using.

Note that with Sportybet you can withdraw to your account or even send money to a friend when you play online.

Sportybet withdrawal process is within 30 minutes but at times it may take up to 24 hours when there are network issues.

So once you’re experiencing that while withdrawing, Sportybet will update you that your withdrawal is ‘Pending’, and could take three days to complete.

Banks You Can Use For Your Sportybet Withdrawal

How To Withdraw Money From Sportybet Nigeria

* Guaranty Trust Bank

* Heritage Bank

* Sterling Bank

* Union Bank Of Nigeria

* United Bank Of Africa

* Polaris Bank

* Unity Bank

* Wema Bank

* Zenith Bank

* Access Bank

* Diamond Bank

* First Bank Of Nigeria

* Fidelity Bank

* First City Monument Bank

* Ecobank Nigeria

Steps To Withdraw Money On Sportybet Nigeria

Sportybet Agent Nigeria

* Visit the Sportybet website and login with your authorized details at www.sportybet.com/ng

* Click on withdraw on the webpage.

* Select your bank in the list of banks, then enter your account number and the amount you wish to withdraw from your winnings.

* A verification code will be demanded if you are using the bank you pick for the first time. The verification code will be sent to your mobile number through SMS.

* Enter the verification code in the field provided and click on withdraw. Once you do that, your payout will be processed instantly.

How To Withdraw Money From Sportybet Via SMS

How To Withdraw Money From Sportybet Nigeria

Withdrawing money from Sportybet via SMS is another way you can get your winnings into your personal account. However, withdrawing via SMS is not applicable in Nigeria for now.

But for customers in Kenya, they can get their winnings into their personal account via SMS instantly.

Perhaps in the future, Sportybet Nigeria will also adopt the SMS process for their customers here in Nigeria, but as it stands now nothing on that presently.

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1 comment

Ubaso Nwaozuzu November 25, 2022 - 2:21 pm

Hi there!

This is an excellent article, and I am happy to have read it. The author has researched the topic thoroughly, as they have provided complete detail on how to withdraw money from Sportybet Nigeria.

I love that banks such as Guaranty Trust Bank, Heritage Bank, Sterling Bank, Union Bank Of Nigeria, and United Bank Of Africa are all eligible for payment processing when withdrawing winnings from Sportybet.

Additionally, steps like visiting the website, selecting a bank in the list of banks, and entering account numbers and withdrawal amounts were all clearly stated. Hence, readers know exactly how to go about their withdrawals.

I also appreciate that this post brought attention to the fact that withdrawing from Sportybet via SMS is not applicable in Nigeria.

This is incredibly useful for Nigerians to take note of before attempting this withdrawal process.

For Kenyans, however, the article was sure to point out that they can instantly get their winnings into their accounts via SMS.

Overall, I believe that Sportybet is a great platform that offers its users multiple options when it comes to withdrawing their winnings, and this post was very informative and helpful!

Thanks for sharing your knowledge! 🙂


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