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5 Shocking Stats Highlight Man Utd’s Decline Since Departure of Sir Alex Ferguson

by Thomaz Oseghale
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5 Shocking Stats Highlight Man Utd's Decline Since Departure of Sir Alex Ferguson

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Manchester United, once a Premier League powerhouse under the guidance of Sir Alex Ferguson, has struggled to maintain their status since his departure in 2013. The club’s decline has been evident in various aspects, as highlighted by these shocking statistics.

Losses at Home

Since Ferguson retired, Manchester United has lost more Premier League home games (36) than they did during his entire 26-year reign at the club (34). This statistic underscores the team’s struggles to replicate the success they enjoyed under Ferguson.

Points Accumulation

In the post-Ferguson era, Manchester United has only accumulated more than 80 points in a single season once. During Ferguson’s tenure, the club achieved 80 or more points on 16 occasions, emphasizing the significant drop in performance.

Goal Scoring

The most goals Manchester United has scored in a post-Ferguson season was 73 during the 2020-21 campaign. In contrast, under Ferguson’s management, the team scored 73 goals or more in 15 different seasons. This statistic highlights the decline in attacking prowess.

Top Four Finishes

During Ferguson’s time, Manchester United consistently finished in the top four of the Premier League for 21 consecutive seasons. Since his departure, the club has finished outside of the top four in five of the last 10 seasons. This decline in consistency is a significant concern for the fans.

Number of Losses

Manchester United has experienced more than 10 losses in a Premier League season on five occasions since Ferguson retired. Remarkably, during Ferguson’s tenure, the team never lost more than 10 games in a single season. This statistic further illustrates the team’s struggles in recent years.


Manchester United’s decline since Sir Alex Ferguson left the club is evident in these shocking statistics. The team has struggled to replicate the success and standards set by Ferguson, with various managers failing to maintain the club’s status as a Premier League powerhouse. The fans and the club itself are now faced with the challenge of rebuilding and returning to their former glory.

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