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African Magic Showcase Channel On Dstv

by NaijNaira
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African Magic Showcase Channel On Dstv

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Which package is African Magic Showcase Channel On Dstv? Do you know it? I’m going to reveal which DStv package shows African magic showcase in this post for you.

Africa Magic Showcase is one of the best entertainment hubs on DsTv for African (mostly Nigerian) movies and series.

It is where you can watch the best of Nollywood in HD quality, but you probably already know that and the only reason you are here is to know which package has Dstv showcase and the channel number.

Not that I am surprised considering it is one of the most asked questions by subscribers. Just that it can sometimes have different variations.

What do I mean by that? Well, some people for example can only afford the Confam or let’s say the compact package and wants to know if Africa Magic (AM) Showcase is on this package their money can get them.

They asked the same question with a discrepancy in the package they are enquiry about. An example of this is; Is Africa Magic Showcase on DStv Confam or Is Africa Magic Showcase on DStv compact.

You get me now right? By the way, the answer to both questions is No.

Which Dstv Package Has African Magic Showcase

I’m sure you are eager to know if Africa Magic Showcase is on DsTv Package and which one?

You can watch African Magic Showcase on channel number 151 when you subscribe to any one of DsTv Compact Plus and Premium packages that cost 18,400 and 12,400 Naira respectively and comes with over 200 channels each.

What this means is that there is no Africa Magic Showcase on DsTv Compact, Confam, Yanga and Padi.

You have to open your wallet much wider to have access to the kind of first-class entertainment that you will enjoy when you have access to the channel.

Wrapping Up

It might be expensive to have access to Showcase but there are other Africa Magic channels you will also like but not in HD and the movies are not always well-funded one. But you will still be entertained.

As cheap as the Padi package is, you will still have access to AM Yoruba, Hausa, and Igbo. And if not for the repetition of movies which can be annoying, they offer good value for money too.

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