Which DsTv Package / Channel Shows WWE {Wrestling} in Nigeria


One of the things that subscribers (mostly new ones) want to know is that which dstv package shows WWE to Nigerian audience. This writes up will educate you not just on that but also on brief details of the packages as well as the channel you can watch it on.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is a household media name known for Professional wrestling across the world. I know a lot of people that cannot go a day without watching WWE and sometimes I will just have to join them.

DsTv WWE Packages and Channel in Nigeria

To watch wrestling on your dstv decoder in Nigeria, you need access to WWE HD station which is on CHANNEL 128 and the packages that gives you access to it are DsTv Compact, Compact Plus and Premium.

Now, it is a matter of how much you need to subscribe to each of them in other for you to make the best decision for yourself.

DsTv Premium: This is the most expensive subscription with a monthly renewal fee of 18,400 Naira and comes with over 214 stations. Most people that pay for this package do so because of the free access it has to ShowMax streaming service.

DsTv Compact Plus: This is what I will call the most valued package as it all you need for entertainment, news, documentary, music etc.

Though it depends on personal preferences, but I will still say there is little to know differences between the quality of its channels and that of premium. It costs 12,400 Naira monthly to renew it and it comes with 204 stations.

DsTv Compact: This is top of the list of the packages which I will recommend to most top middle-class families. It costs 7,900 Naira monthly and gives you access to 189 stations.

Wrapping Up

I think you should cut your coat according to your size here and go for the dstv package that you can afford among the above 3 that shows WWE as it doesn’t matter which of them you subscribe to, you will still get the same value at the same quality.

As you can see, it is only available on the top three packages and not on the bottom packages namely; Confam, Yanga and Padi.


However, if you want access to everything sports and entertainment, then all you need is the compact plus plan.

This article was most recently revised and updated on July 22, 2021