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How To Cancel Mtn Caller Tune

by NaijNaira
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How to cancel CallerTunez on MTN

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I know you want to learn How To Cancel Mtn Caller Tune, but before I show you how to deactivate it, for those who don’t know what Callertunez does, this is it. It allows you to change the boring “ring-ring” tone people will hear when they call you with a personalized tune of your choice.

In short, let me itemise what you can do with CallerTunez below:

  1. To express your mood.
  2. To entertain your callers with your tune
  3. It’s super easy to use and set up

But how much does MTN Callertunez cost?

First, do you know anything about the Mtn Mifi data plans? Find out in that article I made.

So now, the MTN Callertunez service costs N50/30 days or N20/7 days for each tune downloaded.

How to register for CallerTunez on MTN

I know what you want is how to cancel CallerTunez on MTN, but how about those who currently want to subscribe? Let me quickly teach them, abeg.

Simply follow any of the steps below to register and subscribe:

  1. Dial *410# and follow the instructions on the menu.
  2. Send Tune code to 4100.
  3. Press 1 to copy a song from the called party.

Visit the MTN CallerTunez Store via the website: !/home

CallerTunez subscription codes

The subscription channels for CallerTunez are:-

  1. SMS – Send Tune code to 4100
  2. USSD – Dial *410# and follow the instructions
  3. WEB/WAP – !/home
  4. Press 1 to copy from the called party.

To copy the Tune of someone you called, simply press 1 while the tune is playing before the calling party picks up the call.

You can change the songs in your personal library as often as you want, but you will have to pay for every change of song, in other words, every new tune downloaded in your personal library attracts a download fee. The maximum number of songs you can have in your personal library is 10.

And if you want to gift a friend a tune, below is how to go about it:

  1. From the Portal ( !/home)
  2. Select the Tune
  3. Click on “Present”
  4. Enter the recipient’s number
  5. Click on “Submit”
  6. Dial *410#, select the Tune and present it as a gift.

To know that your friend received the CallerTunez gift, you will get an SMS to confirm the success or failure of the Caller Tunez gift.

If you wish to auto-renew your song(s), just Choose the auto-renewal option when you receive the confirmation message when subscribing to a tune.

And on the expiration of your tunez, i.e. if you chose “One-off” at the point of subscription, your tunez will be deactivated if you do not take any action when you receive the pre–expiry notification message.

To know the tunez you have in your library, send “LIB” to 4100.

So much for all that!

Now back to the lecture at hand as regards how to cancel CallerTunez on MTN.

How To Deactivate Caller Tune On Mtn

To delete a tune from your library, simply send “del+tunecode” to 4100 to delete a tune. Let me show you what I mean: del702439 to 4100. Got it?

Concluding How To Cancel Mtn Caller Tune

Did you get how to deactivate caller tune on MTN? And did it work for you? For whatever reason you have chosen to remove this fine MTN service…well it’s up to you, after all, it’s your phone, your life!

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