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Alexx Ekubo Keeps Relationship Status Under Wraps

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Alexx Ekubo Keeps Relationship Status Under Wraps

Nollywood actor Alexx Ekubo has chosen to remain tight-lipped about his relationship status, leaving many of his fans in confusion.

Following his breakup with former lover Fancy Acholonu, Ekubo took to social media on Valentine’s Day to address the speculation surrounding his love life.

While some fans assume he is single, others believe he may already be in a new relationship. In a post on his social media timeline, Ekubo wished his followers a happy Valentine’s Day and encouraged them to trust in Jesus.

Alongside the message, he shared several pictures of himself dressed in white, further fueling speculation about his marital status.

Fans have flooded the comment section with their thoughts and opinions. Some express their understanding of his hesitation to open up after a failed relationship, while others claim to have seen Ekubo’s alleged wife in a store, speaking highly of him.

The comments range from curiosity to playful banter, with followers asking Ekubo directly about his relationship status.

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