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Asake Expresses Interest in Collaborating with Kanye West

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Asake Expresses Interest in Collaborating with Kanye West

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Asake, the Nigerian singer, recently made headlines as his album ‘Terminator’ made it to the top albums of 2022 list by New York Times and Rolling Stone.

In a recent interview with Tetris Kelly on Billboard News, Asake opened up about his desire to work on a music project with Kanye West, the renowned American rapper.

During the interview, Asake emphasized the importance of having a genuine connection with the person he collaborates with.

He stated, ‘The thing is, for me, I need to like the person before I can make music with you. I need to be comfortable with you, not even because of the music alone. I am not saying I cannot make music with other people, but I like real energy.’

Asake expressed his admiration for Kanye West’s music and highlighted the need for synergy between artists.

He said, ‘If you like me beyond music, it is good. But I need to connect to your music. I need to like the person I want to work with first. So it will not be a problem for me. There must be synergy.’

Asake, whose real name is Ahmed Ololade, gained widespread recognition in 2020 after releasing his freestyle track titled ‘Mr Money.’

He was later signed to YBNL, a prominent Nigerian record label, in February 2022. Asake has collaborated with several notable Nigerian artists, including Burna Boy, Olamide, and Davido.

Kanye West, known for his immense success as a rapper, has won 24 Grammy Awards throughout his career.

With both artists displaying a passion for their craft, a collaboration between Asake and Kanye West has the potential to be extraordinary.


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