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Nollywood Actor Tony Umez Denies Death Rumors

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Nollywood Actor Tony Umez Denies Death Rumors

Nollywood actor Tony Umez has strongly refuted rumors circulating on social media that he has passed away.

In a statement released on his Instagram page, Umez expressed his disappointment at the spread of fake news and the distress it has caused to him, his family, and his loved ones.

He also revealed his intention to take legal action against those responsible for spreading the false information.

Umez urged his followers to exercise caution and only trust information that comes directly from him or his official channels.

He emphasized the need to combat the abuse of social media platforms for personal gain.

This denial comes after Umez and his wife celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary on November 16th, 2022.

Taking to his Instagram page, the actor shared heartwarming photos of himself and his beloved spouse.

Expressing gratitude for their union, Umez prayed for their relationship to continue to grow stronger and thanked his wife for completing him.

On August 23rd, Umez also celebrated his 56th birthday and took the opportunity to acknowledge his wife’s significant impact on his life.

Through a series of photos shared on Instagram, he praised her investment in him and credited her for shaping him into the person he is today.

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