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BBC Uncovers Evidence that Tinubu and Peter Obi’s Results Were Manipulated

by NaijNaira
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BBC Uncovers Evidence that Tinubu and Peter Obi's Results Were Manipulated

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The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) recently conducted an investigation into Nigeria’s presidential election on February 25 and found evidence suggesting that results may have been manipulated.

The investigation focused on Rivers State, where opposition parties had raised numerous complaints.

By tallying the voting tally sheets from over 6,000 polling stations in the state, the BBC found significant differences compared to the official results.

The analysis revealed an increase of over 106,000 votes for Bola Tinubu, the officially declared winner, and a decrease of over 50,000 votes for Peter Obi of the Labour Party (LP).

The investigation also encountered challenges due to missing or incomplete data, technical issues, and security concerns.

The BBC investigation identified two local government areas, Oyigbo and Obio/Akpor, where major discrepancies were observed.

The investigation also raised concerns about an election official named Dr Dickson Ariaga, who read out the results for Oyigbo and other parties during the official declaration in Port Harcourt.

However, the BBC’s attempts to reach Dr Ariaga were unsuccessful, and the Federal College of Education in Omoku, where he claimed to work, denied any knowledge of him.

The anomalies discovered in Rivers State are indicative of possible manipulation, although they alone would not have significantly affected the overall outcome of the presidential election.

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