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10 Best African Players In Premier League History

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Best African Players In Premier League History

Who are the best African players in premier league history? The Premier League has been one of the highest levels of football in the world for many years.

With millions of fans and teams with massive financial might, this league attracts talented players from around the globe.

African players have a long-standing tradition of being some of the best talents in Europe and in the Premier League specifically.

Over the years, many standout African footballers have left their mark on the Premier League, a testament to their outstanding performance.

Best African Players In Premier League History

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In honour of these terrific African players, let’s take a look at the best 10 African players in Premier League history!

10. Wilfried Zaha (Man Utd, Cardiff City on loan from Man Utd and Crystal Palace)

Wilfried Zaha is a well-known Londoner, originally born in the Ivory Coast.

In his career, he has represented Manchester United, Cardiff City and ultimately returned to his home club Crystal Palace where he has been their star performer ever since.

Whilst it may not have been his initial plan to stay at the South London club for this long, Eagles fans are certainly glad that he has done so as he is now one of the most important players for the club.

9. Nwankwo Kanu (Arsenal, West Brom and Portsmouth)

Nwankwo Kanu, a Nigerian forward known for his time with Arsenal Football Club, is remembered fondly by football fans of a previous generation.

During his career he won two Premier League titles and clocked 273 games in the league, scoring 54 goals.

He also lent his talent to West Brom and Portsmouth on the way to his retirement in 2012.

8. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Arsenal and Chelsea)

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is one of Europe’s most lethal strikers with a total of 68 Premier League goals for Arsenal and one for Chelsea so far.

He led the Gunners to their FA Cup triumph in 2020 and despite his successful tenure, Auba’s reputation was tarnished by the manner of his departure from the club.

With his transfer to Chelsea, the Gabonese forward will be hoping to silence the skeptics and prove his worth on the pitch.

7. Riyad Mahrez (Leicester City and Man City)

Riyad Mahrez is an Algerian professional footballer who has been making waves on the field since his 2015/16 season with Leicester City.

He had a remarkable return of 17 goals and 37 appearances that season, ultimately leading Leicester to a huge upset: winning the Premiership title.

His accomplishment earned him the prestigious award of PFA Player of The Year.

After joining Manchester City, Mahrez has continued to solidify himself as one of the best in the world with his incredible first touch and agility when cutting in from his right-wing position.

Offering brilliant consistency for Guardiola’s team and amazing entertainment value, Riyad Mahrez is definitely someone worth watching!

Altogether, he has a total of 78 goals in 265 appearances so far in his Premier League career.

6. Michael Essien (Chelsea)

Best African Players In Premier League History

Michael Essien is a Ghanaian former professional footballer who made a name for himself while playing as a central-midfielder in the English Premier League.

Joining Chelsea FC from Lyon in 2004, he became one of the most accomplished African footballers in the Premier League.

His play was characterized by exceptional defensive skills and an impressive ability to score goals when needed.

Over his time with Chelsea, Essien won two Premier League titles, one UEFA Champions League title, and numerous other accolades.

5. Emmanuel Adebayor (Arsenal, Man City, Tottenham and Crystal Palace)

Best African Players In Premier League History

Emmanuel Adebayor is a former Premier League star who made an indelible mark on the English top flight.

After joining Arsenal in 2006, Adebayor established himself as one of the league’s top strikers, playing for them, Tottenham Hotspur, Crystal Palace and Manchester City.

Over the course of 242 Premier League matches, he netted an impressive 97 goals cementing his place as one of the greatest Premier League players ever.

4. Yaya Toure (Manchester City)

Best African Players In Premier League History

Yaya Toure, a legendary African player in the Premier League, had a huge part to play in Manchester City’s rise to greatness.

He transferred from FC Barcelona to Manchester and helped the club win its first-ever Premier League title in 2011-12.

After helping the team secure two more titles during his stay at Man City, Toure also won four consecutive African Player of the Year awards between 2011 and 2014.

3. Sadio Mane (Southampton and Liverpool)

Best African Players In Premier League History

Sadio Mane is one of the all time greatest African players in the Premier League.

Despite being often underappreciated for his achievements in the league, he has been a key contributor to Liverpool’s recent success.

He was a part of their Premier League winning team in the 2019-20 season and UEFA Champions League winning team in 2018-19 season, and is only third African to score more than 100 goals in the league with 111 goals from 263 appearances.

2. Didier Drogba (Chelsea)

Best African Players In Premier League History

Didier Drogba is widely regarded as one of the best strikers to ever play for Chelsea Football Club.

After joining from Marseille in 2004, he went on to make 381 appearances and score 164 goals over two spells with the club including 104 goals in the Premier League from 254 appearances.

He was integral in helping Chelsea win their first Champions League title in 2012, as well as four Premier League titles, four FA Cups, and three League Cups.

His exceptional physicality combined with his ability to create chances made him an iconic figure in Premier League history.

1. Mohamed Salah (Chelsea and Liverpool)

Best African Players In Premier League History

Mohamed Salah’s career has taken him from the Premier League, where he initially struggled with Chelsea, to Serie A, and finally back to England with Liverpool.

Since returning in 2017, the Egyptian winger has been on a tear, becoming the highest scoring African in Premier League history with an incredible 127 goals in 210 matches.

His performance during the 2019-20 season was nothing short of remarkable; he helped his team win both the UCL and the Premier League title in one impressive season.

Known for his ability to turn games on their head single-handedly and conjure up moments of magic on a regular basis, Salah is a truly unstoppable force.

His performance looks set to only get better in coming years – one thing is for sure – we haven’t seen the last of Mohamed Salah yet!

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