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How to Check Polaris Bank Account Number in 2022


As a customer, you will need your polaris bank account number for numerous financial transaction. Most important of all, receiving money into your account.

However, we all have couple of things on our mind at one point in time or another and some of us won’t just want to add the stress of having to memorize our account number.

Well, it makes sense considering the fact that most Nigerians have more than 1 bank account. Sometimes it’s not that they have money in all but the fact that those you receive money from or do business with like a particular bank.

Hence, this write up and i will show you different ways to get your account number anytime and anywhere you need it.

There are various ways to check your polaris bank account number and they include using your mobile banking app, internet banking platform, statement of account and reach out to customer service.

Mobile App & Internet Banking

These in my own opinion are the best way yet that technology has helped to us to the future of banking.

You can do almost everything regarding financial transaction on these platforms though they have their own limitations too.

At the top of each platform is your account number. So if you ever need it, just login to your dashboard and it will be starring at you.

Statement of Account

At the point of registration, you must have provided polaris with your email address and in return, they will send you messages relating to your account and their banking operations or services.

One of the messages you will receive is your debit and credit transactions on a monthly basis. This is packaged in a pdf file and it’s called statement of account.

At the top of this file is your account number. You just need one of this file on your mobile phone all the time and you don’t have to worry about forgetting your nuban.

Contact Customer Care

Another method you can use though slow compare to the ones above is to reach out to their customer representatives either by calling, sending email or on social media.

They will ask some question that relate to your account such as full name, address, branch you open your account and date of birth to confirm you actually own the account.

Once you are able to answer these questions correctly, your account details will be given to you.

You can contact them through this medium;

  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: 0806 988 0000
  • Social Media:,,

Visit the Nearest Branch

This is actually more practicable if you are already in a branch. Just go to their customer service section and request for your account details. They will be happy to help.

Getting your account details though will depend on if you are able to answer their questions correctly. You may also need to show some form of identification to strengthen your chances.

Wrapping Up

These are all great ways to get back your polaris bank account number if you have forgotten it.

It was disappointing though that they do not have a feature to check account number on their 833 mobile banking.

As you know, this code can be use to transfer money from your account to any account in Nigeria and do couple other great stuffs.

So what do you think? How do you retrieve your account number back whenever you need it and you don’t know it offhand.

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