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Ecobank Transfer Code: How to Register & Activate

by NaijNaira
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Do you know how to register Ecobank transfer code? Through the implementation of the Ecobank transfer code, the bank has moved to create an easy method of transferring funds without using the internet or visiting the branches.

Save yourself the time, effort and energy of standing in a queue for hours in an ATM stand and receiving unnecessary embarrassment within the banking hall in order to carry out fund transfers.

With Ecobank USSD mobile banking code, your journey to a secure, seamless and easiest way of performing transactions is made simple.

The most interesting part of the USSD code is the fact that it works on any type of phone. Whether your mobile phone device is internet-enabled or not, there is no limitation to what you can do with the amazing code.

In case you’re still thinking of opening an account with the bank, think no more. Let your action speak louder than your thinking. It will enable you to enjoy the fastest and easiest way to transfer money from Ecobank to another Ecobank account and from Ecobank to other commercial bank accounts in the country.

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Ecobank Transfer Code

In addition, you will get to discover the mobile banking code which you will make use of to carry out the same transaction internationally. You have seen that there is more to what you will learn from this report, this is the effort your made have made in order to serve you better.

I assure you, at the end of this article, you would have learnt how to perform inter-bank transfers and intra-bank transfers effectively using the unique code introduced by the bank.

How To Register

Let me now show you how to register the Ecobank transfer code.

  • Dial *326# with the number registered to your bank account, and you will have the following options; Open Xpress Account, Create PIN, Xpress Save, Xpress-Loan
  • Select option 2, which is “Create PIN”
  • Input your desired 4-digit PIN and follow the on-screen prompt to finalize the mobile banking activation.

You have successfully created your PIN for mobile banking.

Now, that you have activated your phone number for mobile banking, the next thing is to learn how to carry out transactions with it. So, continue reading as we guide you to achieve it.

Ecobank to Other Banks Code

  • Pick up your mobile phone device and dial *326#
  • Select “transfer funds” from the options on your phone screen and choose interbank
  • You will be required to input the account number of the beneficiary
  • Choose the beneficiary bank name
  • Confirm the full name of the beneficiary and make sure it corresponds to the one given to you by the person
  • Enter your 4-digit transfer PIN and initiate the transfer

You will get a debit alert which confirms that your transaction is successful.

Ecobank to Ecobank Transfer Code

  • Dial *326#
  • Select “transfer funds”, and choose intra-bank from the options given
  • Input the account number of the beneficiary
  • Confirm the full name of the beneficiary to ensure it is correspondent to the one given to you by the person
  • Enter your 4-digit PIN and authorize the transfer
  • Once you get a debit alert, it means your transaction has been confirmed and it’s successful

It looks simple right? Yes, it’s quite easy and fantastic.

Benefits of Ecobank Mobile USSD Code

There are an uncountable number of benefits associated with mobile banking. We will list a few of them to capture your interest.

  • The service is easy, secure and seamless
  • It is reliable and available 24 hours per day and 7 days per week
  • Supported in all the network providers in Nigeria, including MTN, GLO, 9MOBILE and AIRTEL
  • With *326# your transaction can last for approximately 10-20 seconds
  • It is open to all Ecobank account holders
  • The services do not require an internet connection

Other Things You Can Do With the Code

1.) You do not need to worry or stress yourself to check your account balance at the bank or stand in a long queue which can drain your time to check your account balance. With the unique mobile banking code, it is already made easy for you.

2.) There are some people who still find it difficult to subscribe to their decoders and make other bill payments. With the use of the mobile banking code, you can comfortably make your bill payments from the comfort of your house without visiting any office.

Some of the bill payments which you can make with the mobile banking code are GOTV, DSTV, Water bills, Electric bills, etc. The amazing thing about the code is that you can perform all services anywhere, even in a remote village.

3.) There is a limitation when you bank with Ecobank. Let’s assume you traveled to Kenya and you’re thinking about how to hasten your transaction, you can still make use of the mobile banking code in the country.

All you need to do is to dial *335# on your mobile phone device and follow the on-screen instructions. Your transaction will be done for you with ease.

4.) You can as well make use of the mobile banking code if you happen to be in Uganda. If you can make a transfer with the unique code in that country, all you need to do is to dial *235# with your mobile phone, carefully follow the on-screen instructions and get your transactions completed successfully.

5.) If you happen to reside in Tanzania, dial *150*18#. Then, follow the on-screen instructions and get your transfer done for you with the use of the mobile banking code.

Wrapping Up

Finally, you can now perform fund transfers and other services associated with the Ecobank transfer code USSD code effectively with ease. Enjoy the services of your bank. See other banks’ USSD in Nigeria.

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