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Ranking the 10 Football Clubs with the Most Trophies

by NaijNaira
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From Premier League champions to European Cup Winners, discover the football club with the most trophy In The World. Check out our top 10 list to find out.

Across the world, football clubs play in their leagues and several Cup competitions every season which they target lifting the trophy at the end of the season and sometimes at the end of the tournament as the case.

Since the boom of football clubs in the late 1800s and early 1900s, some clubs have managed to become more successful than their other competitors piling up trophies.

Their success Is in their cities and countries and beyond the walls of their countries have helped secure a huge fan base in and around the world.

It’s also one of the reasons why many clubs are as big as they are now because their frequent and consistent successes bring more admirers.

Top 10 Club With The Most Trophy

NaijNaira takes a look at the biggest club sides when it comes to winning trophies around the world.

10. Olympiacos (Greece) – 79 trophies

club with the most trophy

Let’s begin our football club with the most trophy In The World with Greek Champions Olympiacos, who are the most successful clubside in Greece, the Athens based clubside has won the Greek top flight on 46 occasions

All other teams in the league have a combined 39 titles, but for Olympiacos, there are a total of 78 total national titles.

9. Bayern Munich (Germany) – 81 trophies

club with the most trophy

It will be surprising to not see German champions Bayern Munich on the list having won the highest number of Bundesliga titles of any team in Germany.

In fact, the Bavarians have won the last ten Bundesliga titles consecutively. They are the most successful club in German football history, having won a record 32 national titles, including 10 consecutively since 2013, record 20 national cups and 10 Super cups, along with numerous European titles.

8. Benfica (Portugal) – 83 trophies

club with the most trophy

Porto, Sporting Lisbon but the biggest in Portugal is Benfica who are the record winners of everything in Portugal.

From the league, the Taca De Liga, and Benfica have won everything more than anyone else. 37, 26 and 7 times for the Portuguese league, Taca De Portugal and Taca De Liga.

7. Barcelona (Spain) – 92 trophies

club with the most trophy

In comes Real Madrid’s biggest rival in Spain, Barcelona. The Blaugrana are the only side in Spain that has managed to consistently match the Galacticos in terms of honors.

Barcelona are still behind Real Madrid in almost every category though but they still have enough to make this kind of list.

Blaugrana are the record winner of the Copa Del Rey with 31 titles and 13 Supercopa De Espana. They have a couple of UEFA Champions League and FIFA Club World Cup as well.

6. Real Madrid (Spain) – 95 trophies

Football Clubs With Most Trophies In The World

Los Blancos, have 14 of the most prestigious football tournaments in club football. The 120-year-old club have won the UEFA Champions League 14 times, they have a record number of La Liga titles too.

Real Madrid also have 19 Spanish Copa Del Rey titles to their name, the club has also won other trophies including the FIFA Club World Cup multiple times.

5. Atletico Penarol (Uruguay) – 110 trophies

Football Clubs With Most Trophies In The World

The second most successful team in Uruguay and Club Nacional De Football’s biggest rivals also feature on this list. The name is Atletico Penarol.

Penarol has 51 titles in the Uruguayan top flight in their 131 years of existence and five Copa  Libertadores.

4. Celtic (Scotland) – 113 trophies

Football Clubs With Most Trophies In The World

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Celtic has been dominating Scottish football in the last couple of seasons but they are still a couple of trophies behind Rangers in terms of the most successful and most decorated club in Scotland.

The club has 52 league trophies, 40 Scottish cups, and 20 Scottish league cups. It is as though only Celtic and Rangers exist in Scotland.

Meanwhile, the majority of their trophy successes come from the local scene although Celtic have a European title to their name.

3. Club Nacional de Football (Uruguay) – 116 trophies

Football Clubs With Most Trophies In The World

It’s time for Uruguayan club Nacional de Football to get their flowers having won 116 trophies in their history.

The club has never been relegated from the top flight of the Uruguayan league and are record winner of the league.

They also are one of the strongest teams in South America with three Copa Libertadores in 1971, 1980, and 1988, 3

Intercontinental Cup in 1971, 1980, and 1988, two Copa Interamericana in1971, and 1988 as well as Recopa Sudamericana in 1989.

2. Rangers (Scotland) – 116 trophies

Football Clubs With Most Trophies In The World

In second place is Glasgow side Rangers with 116 trophies the Scottish side is one of the two most successful teams in Scotland arriving in Celtic every season.

While Celtic have won the league 52 times, Rangers have done them better with 55, the Scottish Cup 34 times, the Scottish League Cup a record 27 times and the domestic treble on seven occasions.

The Gers also have a couple of European titles to their name the Scottish league cup.

1. Al Ahly (Egypt) – 121 trophies

Football Clubs With Most Trophies In The World

So who makes it to the number in this list of club with the most trophy In The World?

There are a lot of Al Ahlys in the world, from Saudi to Libya, Sudan and Jordan, but none of them is like the most popular of them, Al Ahly Cairo.

The club based In the capital city of Egypt Cairo is surprisingly the most successful club side in the world having won over 120 trophies.

Beyond dominating the Egyptian Premier League where they are the record winners, they are also the record winners of the CAF Champions League and CAF cup amongst others.

The club was founded In 1907 and has 42 Egyptian Premier League, 37 Egyptian Cups, 10 CAF Champions League and 8 CAF super cups.

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