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Dstv Call Center Number 2018: Complete Dstv Customer Care Contact Details & Self Service

Dstv Call Center Number: Complete Dstv Customer Care Contact Details & Self Service.

One common thing this digital Tvs have after sales is that their customers often need expert aid in successful installation and most times after subscription especially when moving from one bouquet/package to the other. Hence the reason for this article which contains full details of dstv customer care call center numbers, social media accounts, email address and physical location across Nigeria. dstv customer care contact details

Dstv is a South Africa based satellite Tv service provider under the management of Multichoice Africa. Its mini version is GoTv which was launched as a response to Startimes, also a satellite Tv without dish then. If you ever need to contact Multichoice Nigeria, you can do so via any of the contact details below.

DSTV Customer Care in Nigeria July 2018.

Below are multi-choice email address, phone number and social media accounts in Nigeria for service enquiry, request and complaint. dstv customer care

Dstv Call Center Numbers & Addresses (Lagos and Abuja).

If you resides in Lagos and Abuja, you can choose to visit any of their physical offices below or call them.

  • Dstv Nigeria Lagos Address: Plot 1381 Tiamiyu Savage Street; Victoria Island, Lagos State.
  • Multichoice Nigeria Center Number: 1 270 3232 or 080 3900 3788.
  • Lagos Office Fax: 01 270 3256.
  • Dstv Nigeria Abuja Address: Legion House, 3 Kaura Namoda Street Area 3 Garki, Abuja.
  • Multichoice Nigeria Center Number: 2347291/2.
  • Fax: 2347295.

DSTV Nigeria Help/Toll Free Lines.

MTN – 08149860333, Glo – 08113630333, Airtel – 07080630333, Etisalat – 09090630333. dstv call centre number

Dstv Contact Email Addresses.

Other than going to their physical address or calling their toll free numbers or hotline, you can make use of their email addresses.

You can contact them via;


Dstv Social Media Accounts Details & Website.

If you choose to contact Dstv (Multichoice) Nigeria online, you do so via their Facebook, Twitter profiles and official website.

  • DSTV Facebook Contact:
  • DSTV Twitter Profile URl:
  • Dstv Website:

Dstv Self Service.

With self service, you can pay for & manage subscription and fix error codes from the comfort of your home.

Dstv Self Service:

There you have it on Dstv customer care contact details. I believe by now you should be able to contact Dstv both offline via phone number and physical address and online via email, social media accounts, official website and self service page.

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Updated: July 14, 2018 — 8:23 am


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  1. pls improve your system

  2. I will be moving home . Iwish to cancel my contract with DSTV P Please advise me of a contact number in order to close my contract

    Awaiting your reply Many thanks

  3. Iwish to cancel my contract with DSTV Iwill be moving away shortly Please advise my of your requirements Awaiting your reply

    Thank you

  4. Awaitimg yout reply to my question


  5. please, I subscribe on a wrong account which is 1017244001 instead of 10172444001. and I called the customer care to complain. but I have not seen any chnages please how can you help me

  6. Pls I paid my subscription since Saturday but no activation. Can I have some help please my account is 10409362661. I have sent an email already but still the problem persist.

  7. Pls I paid my subscription since Saturday but no activation. Can I have some help please my account is 10409362661. I have sent an email already but still the problem persist. Help please

  8. Please I subscribe yesterday to a new package.. and is still showing error plz do love into it my Decoder number is 1030547800

  9. Please, I subscribe the wrong decoder 4613908418 instead of my new one 7013587308 and av called the customer care services about it but there is no change

  10. Please I am using dstv dual view. The problem is that the pictures freeze almost every 2 minutes on both tvs. Meanwhile the signal strength is above 80%. Kindly advise.

  11. Pls include bbnig that’s 189 to my channel smart card no 10218501350

  12. I upgraded my dstv for 9900 from 6300 and I just paid today but still inactive. Please can anyone help me I have been trying all the phone numbers and none is going through. I dont want to miss chelsea man city match. Thanks

  13. Pls I paid my subscription today but no activation,it says channel is blocked . Can I have some help please my account is 1044122800

  14. Please help, I made a dstv subscription payment at Access Bank in a town in Ekiti State on the 21st of February 2018 and I have not been able to watch any channel after the payment. Please come to my rescue, my smart card is: 42541448264, my phone number is :08135814149. Thanks!

  15. Please remove this stupid channel big brother Nigeria from. My account. Delete it permanently. My decoder no is 7016736662

  16. Please include bbniaja to my smart card, am unable to view channel 198 over 4 days my card number is 10405766360

  17. Hi, please I made my DSTV payment via internet banking and its been 8 hours since i made the payment but my account is yet to be reconnected, please I want my account to be reconnected immediately. My smart card number is 1050 5719 376

  18. Channels 198 just stopped showing… Don’t know d reason.41291963639

  19. subscription with payment Reference No.888837466150 so please connect me asap.

    IUC 7011987585

    Pleas let dstv office should help me out on this issue very urgent,
    i made a payment twice on my account yesterday and today when i want to
    recharge my second decoder i recharge it on same one i recharged yesterday.
    this the account i recharged FAMILY yesterday 10460001463 today i want recharge
    on this 10460001471 9,900 i made a mistak please let the 9,900 transfer to 10460001471
    MY NUMBER same number and name 08039306436 joseph goodluck NO EMAIL on both account only my
    phone number

  21. Why are most channel showing blocked? I recharge our account since morning and up till now is still showing blocked.
    Dstv fix ithe card number 1040775313

  22. Maska Yakubu Philibus

    Kindly help me. I made a payment of family pack at access bank but only showed N3600 in Jos, plateau State. So up till now it has not been activated. How can I balance up the remaining N200?

  23. Aborisade George Ayotunde

    pls help, I subscribed ystdy & up til now it has not been activated. 4250751842

  24. plS help me i subscribe yesterday morning and up till now it have not activated this my smartcard 7018255638

  25. My husband (Anthony Onwura)subscribed yesterday morning but198 is not showing. Our smartcard number is 1017260502.

  26. Pls help, I recharged about 2 hours ago and has not been activated. Pls restore the channels. My smart card no is 1043126524

  27. Pls help I subscribed abut 6hours ago up till now is still inactive (41130284114) ZETA-E36

  28. Pls help I subscribe yesterday but up still now it is still showing block

  29. Abdul-Azeez Saheed

    pls i mistakenly made a payment of 16900 to dis account 42737269052 which i want to pay to dis account 42508203256 pls help me out

  30. I subscribed but it’s not functioning please help. I am writing from Ibadan, smart card number is

  31. I subscribe yesterday but it’s not functioning please help especially Big brother naija channel.Smart card number 4105049915

  32. Please I subscribe for a family package of 3800 and some channels are showing please help god this problem or any number to reach in Benin city to help.

  33. My decoder is on PG blocked for days please help me fix it smartcard number 10305687468

  34. Please I subscribed the compact package tonight and some channels are not showing 198 smart card no is 1040904366

  35. Oluwaseyi Ogundare

    Pls I recharge my card on Monday 9th of this month I pay 1900 and big Brother naija is not showing on my why this my card num 10430654672 pls help out

  36. Pls, I recharged today but its still showing the E30,pls help me reset. My card number is 7016797906

  37. Last night, I noticed that dstv has removed my super sports 1,2,5,6. I don’t know why? I wasn’t owing and I recharged b4 it expired last month

  38. Please, I recharged ahead and currently, the system is displaying and E38-32 error message on some of the channels. Kindly help fix and please, treat as urgent. thanks.

  39. Good morning, Please my decoder has been displaying loading since Friday. Kindly bail us out.
    IUC Number:7016976078
    Thanks for your prompt response

  40. Good Day, Please my decoder has been displaying insert smart card: it is either faulty or smart card turn upside down since Monday. Kindly bail us out, because it is other.
    IUC Number:1017172786
    Thanks for your prompt response

  41. Only two stations are showing on my TV. I recharged on the 13th of April. Pls kindly fix the problem . Smarthcard 1050559998

  42. pls I can’t view any channels except Dish channel. please help me my smart card number is 4271916118.

  43. Orjinta Ikechukwu Franklin

    Pls I recharged my DSTV, till now it still not showing, except the advert station.pls I need an activation. This is my smart card no. 7020708353.

    1. I have the same issues but it has been resolved.

  44. Please I recharged my brother’s gotv about an hour ago, up till now we have not seen anything. Please help.
    Card number: 2021927181

  45. I recharged my DSTV with SC. 4122208518 since yesterday (9/5/18) & nothing came up since that morning; we placed calls to your customer care and they promised to do something about it but till today *10/5/18) nothing has been done! This is quite frustrating and tantamount to fraud.
    Kindly let me know what’s going on

  46. pls what does it take to swap my old decoder to new HD decoder


  48. hello dstv
    pls i just made payment of 1900 into 10313512450 bello olayinka
    but have not been connected
    and have already done reset still yet to be connect
    i made the payment at fcmb

    kindly help.

  49. please,I just a new decoder and it has been activated since on Wednesday, but its not showing,I need help please.the decoder number is 7020805551.

    1. Reach out to the agent you bought from to come and re-check the installation. You can also reach one of their agents using the contact details above.

  50. I recharged my account (access package) today (10/6/18)via access bank internet mobile trasfer,and has since not been activated.Pls look into and treat as a matter of urgency.
    Name- Bademosi A
    IUC no-7018370570

  51. My supersport 4 has stopped working. I am under Gotv plus. My IUC no is 2003021419.

    1. It might just be network Sir.

  52. Your system is very POOR!!! How can I activate my dish and it’s taking forever to be activated but you guys are quick to pull out my money!!! This is very bad!

  53. i made a payment of 6300 on Card 10172486705 this morning, but my channel is not up yet

  54. My dstv not working though I still have subscription

  55. HAve been calling your so called customer center past 2 hours but no connecting at all .. my account got suspended..

  56. I paid since morning. Now this is night. All your customer service numbers are ridiculously not going through. Please improve on your customer service. Thanks.

    1. Many people are trying to call at the same time that’s why. You can use the social media account to contact dstv and get issues resolved.

  57. Please I recharge on quickteller for the 30 mins but my acc has not been activated and I have tried calling the call center, no one is picking up please try solve this right away THANKS … smart card number is 42595405806

  58. I pay on my DSTV today my account not activated since morning to dis dstv number 7017019492

  59. I paid for subscription today and it’s not working…. not activated

  60. I paid for my DSTV via my GTB account on Saturday 14th July 2018 and up to this very moment, my Dstv has not been activated. Here is the smart card number 1040914989.

  61. Pls i paid 4 access and my 114 is nt showin dis is my smart card 10305745951

  62. Please help, I made a dstv subscription payment through PAGA day before yesterday up till now I can not be able to watch any channel after the payment. I even send RA 41353396892 to 30333, but the message i receive is that my Dstv account is suspended. Please kindly resove the issue with immediate effect to let me enjoy my payment I made with my smart card is: 41353396892, my phone number is :08056139249. Thanks!

  63. My dstv subscription has not been activated 42506829425

  64. Osaighale Stanley

    Pls activate my acct 1043362276. I have paid since August 4 2018

  65. i subscribe to my dstv IUC 7021954648 and still not working .. please help me

  66. Kindly reset my bouquet back to Gotvplus, i did not authorise the upgrade to Gotvmax. My ICU number is 2009571484.

    Thank you.

  67. Please I may a subscription to my dstv access yesterday through my GTbank mobile app, uptil now my account is still saying suspended nothing is showing. My iuc no is 7018604736, my phone number is 08034368461

  68. Isiekwe Luke Chibuikem

    I have subscribe for family over 2hrs now but not activated till now. All efforts to reach DSTV on line proves abortive. Please activate my decoder 4250444944, am waiting.

  69. my dstv just stop working and i dont no what wrong 10459662440 combat awosile olumuyiwa my phone number 08161186641

  70. I subscribe my dstv number 7018268348 and up till now is not working please help

  71. Please, DSTV close shop.

  72. Pls I paid my subscription since morning but no activation. Can I have some help please my account is 4101767234

  73. pls I can’t view any channels except Dish channel. please help me my smart card number is 41017672134

  74. Kingsley uzochukwu

    Pls,i cant view any channel except dish for days now. Help me out plsss.

  75. Pls help,jst subscribe dstv today been 25 August 2018… The channels are nt showing, sent msg to Reset 1040947222, but they said i was suspended and i wonder why….. Assistance pls

  76. Shodimu Iyanuoluwa

    I paid for a friend with my gtb account but the decoder 10441659421 is not active yet


    I want to know why I am unable to watch Manchester united vs Tottenham match yesterday 27th August 2018 on dstv compact bouquet being the only EPL match showing at that particular time after paying N6,300. also why I am only allowed to watch only 3 sports stations. All the sports stations I used to watch before have been cut off. no sport news station again. Why this? I think this is deliberate attempt to frustrate me out of continue subscription.

  78. You guys are not following what you advertise,I received a message that if I subscribe for access package before 3rd of August I will be giving additional one month free,I also received a call from one of your agent about the same promo of one month free after august subscription which I did on the second of august,2rd of of this month my subscription was stopped, why?

  79. I paid on my dad decoder over 3hours still not showing except dish channel and nta pls do something the numbers are 41118606320

  80. Good day I recharged Amechi Ugwu with this Iuc 2029002047 on the 8th and it has been scrambled. Please helpbsirtvit out.

  81. I am tired of the latest service I receive from DSTV. Once I settle on a station for more than 30 minutes, it becomes blurry or blank. I didn’t get to what begusarai for a whole week( my main reason for paying subscription). I am fed up.please, do something . 41027464118

  82. we subscribed for #2,000 today but the channel’s is not playing my card is 10210981055

  83. Good evening,
    Please i am writing to request for a reset on my DSTV decoder with 7017121828 as i subscribed for 6800 since on Saturday and have not been updated. Please as delaying it is costing me. Thanks

  84. Please Sir/ ma .I subscrip my decoder yesterday uptill now you have not re connect card is 702984555.I will be happy if you can connect me soon thanks.

  85. Pls i paid to watch football no way pls u guys to help me my account is 1050633236

  86. just subscribed to dstv smart card no 42887124842 cant still view

  87. sub my dstv 10431261712 HRM oba sikiru sanni last month with 9000 and the sub was change to the one of #6800 and my balance is #2200 I want to sube another one how will I go about it ? Please I need reply as soon as possible

  88. Your system is bad. There is no need for a customer care number when it won’t be picked. Why would I waste 400 airtime and yet no one picked my call what sort of rubbish is that.

  89. Irene anietie etim

    I subscribeD today but is not yet connected! Here is my iuc number , 7023609553 And my phone number 07069668720

  90. okorafor chidiebere

    It is very bad, i recharged yesterday-7018459312 with d deduction made by my bank, till now i can’t view anything. I have d bank detail/statement.

  91. Pls, I need my subscription restored immediately pls, 4258425588 I made the payment for over 9hours now, is really really unfair to me as a customer, if you did not restore it today you have to pay me for damages, I made the payment for a purpose thanks.

    then attend to me now

  92. pls sir, i just post a comment now, for my mistake when recharging . i pay to 1017327327 instead 1017327636. pls restore it to this no- 1017327636. let it be today for i am using for my business. thank you

  93. pls i want remained you of my account 1017327636 which i mistakenly pay to account 1017327327.i called this evening i was told it will restore within few minute. till now is not showing. what is the problem. i use it for my business. what it to restore now pls

  94. I paid before due date I mean 16/10/2018. They are yet activate my account 7018560972. Yinusa Ibrahim.Thanks

  95. I suscribed today by 10:30 AM via access bank, but my account has not been activated.
    Smart card No: 7018351092.
    Pls do activate cause it is urgent. Pls do notify me of any follow up via this no: 08103112270.
    Thanks as I await your response

  96. I paid 6800 and I can’t even watch the station that I paid for, eg rok and super sport 3 my Acct number is 1030 5720 186

  97. Pls I need to know the package I do pay for am trying to pay through my mobile app phone .here is my card number 10554066877.

  98. i bought an HD decoder with (cardless)compaq package on friday 26th oct. 2018 in magboro ogun state. since that time av not be able to watch any of these channels on the package. the decoder is showing confirming subscription. Pls help me out. my SN(IUC) is 7029474312(8)

  99. Am sick and tired of you people scam, You guys are not even following what you advertise. I received an SMS to my phone that if i subscribe for my family package before 30th of September which i made payment September 26 that i will be giving one month free for October, I also received a call from one of your stupid call agents about the same promo of one month free after October 26 for this month which was suppose to be free my subscription was stopped. Why My smart card number : 1028304836

    I want my cell number attached to my DSTV account to be removed because i don’t want your fucking SMS anymore.

  100. I have been disconnected since yesterday.42534804408

  101. OK, hey I have a disconnected account, due to delayed payment for three months and I have made payment twenty four hours ago, but I’m still yet to be reconnected. I can wait a little longer, but not indefinitely-you get a problem with that, please?

  102. 1017190847 card was supended, have paid twice today to re-activate but no feedback. this is for my grandparent

  103. please reactivate my account the card number is 10047611305. Payment was made 24 hours ago. Thanks

  104. I make gotv light subscription after making the payment online. A message was sent to me that my account was suspended. My account no is 29484658.pls. do the needful.

  105. i bought a new dstv hd decorder but i cant activate its subscription help pls

  106. My Gotv is not connecting after recharge.
    Name: ONU, GOD’SPOWER.
    IUC NUMBER : 7018778979

  107. Hi have make my subscription but it doesn’t come up kindly reset it for me, I sent message to 30333 and I was reply my account has been suspended pls do it for me

  108. Dear CCU,

    Kindly activate my decoder number 4112983326 having paid my subscription.

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