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The DStv package that shows Premier League in Nigeria

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Which DStv package shows Premier League in Nigeria

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Which DStv package shows Premier League in Nigeria?

The English Premier League (EPL) is one of the top football tournaments in the EU and in the world.

But while it has England as its base of operations, the competition is being viewed across the world and it is one of Nigeria’s favourite.

DStv is one of the few ways you can view the EPL in Nigeria but sadly not on all their available packages.

There are 6 different subscriptions you can pay for but how much they cost determines the number and quality of channels you will have access to.

The price ranges from 1850 Naira for Padi to 18,400 for the Premium package.

One of the most asked questions by DStv subscribers is which DStv package shows premier league and some even want to know the exact channel.

Some even want to know if cheaper plans like Confam and Yanga air the competition.

DsTv Premier League Channel and Packages

The dedicated station that shows EPL on DStv is channel 203 code-named Super Sports Premier League HD and it is available on Compact, Compact Plus and Premium packages which cost 7,900 Naira, 12,400 Naira and 18,400 Naira respectively.

Below are the answers to the top frequently asked questions about DStv and this football competition:

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1.) Can I Watch EPL on DsTv Compact?


2.) Can I Watch Premier League on DsTv Confam?


3.) How Much is DsTv Subscription that Shows Premier League

  • Compact: N7,900
  • Compact Plus: N12,400
  • Premium: N18,400

Wrapping Up

So now you know Which DStv package shows Premier League in Nigeria, right? On a few occasions where there is more than one EPL match at the same time, some of the other super sport channels available on the packages above show it.

The SuperSport Premier League channels used to be SuperSport 3. The name was changed earlier in 2021.

If you only care about the English Premier League, then you will be good with Compact subscription but if you want to be able to watch all football competitions, the least package you will need to pay for is Compact Plus.

For subscribers that are not in Nigeria and South Africa, you can watch the premier league on SuperSport 223.


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