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MTN CallerFeel Subscription Code to activate & promote your business

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MTN CallerFeel

As an entrepreneur or business person, do you know what you can achieve with MTN CallerFeel? The service allows you to express yourself through short messages that will appear on your callers’ phone screens when they call your line.

The message will appear as a pop-up notification. You can also use smileys and emoticons to make your message more exciting.

MTN CallerFeel Benefits

  1. Advertising (You can let your callers see a short advertisement of your business)
  2. Sharing Status Updates (You can let your callers know your current status. e.g. if you are in church, mosque, or class, etc.)
  3. Self-Expression (You can share a short message to express how you feel with your callers)
  4. Sharing special moments (You can let your callers know what special moment(s) you are currently having. e.g., birthdays, ceremonies, etc.)
  5. Share upcoming event details (You can inform/invite your callers about an upcoming event you have planned such as weddings.)

Visit https://callerfeel.mtnonline.com/ to enjoy the CallerFeel experience.

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CallerFeel content can also be used for sharing Special messages to specific callers and in many other ways. (You can let specific people e.g. your mum, dad, siblings, relatives, spouse, etc. see a special message whenever they call you).

Also, you can use your CallerFeel to share holiday wishes with your friends and family (Share special holiday greetings with all your callers).

MTN CallerFeel Subscription Plans:

CallerFeel Service costs:-

  • N5 for 1 day with unlimited updates
  • N30 for 7 days with unlimited updates
  • N50 for 30 days with unlimited updates

How to subscribe for MTN CallerFeel

You can subscribe to CallerFeel in the following four different ways:

1.  By creating your preferred message and sending it to 50016

E.g. “Today is going to be a great day” to 50016 (Note: Your callers will see whatever message you send to 50016)

2.  By texting REG to 50016 (Monthly); or REG7 to 50016 (Weekly); or REG1 to 50016 (Daily).

(Note: You will receive a pop-up after sending REG, REG7, or REG1 to 50016. Please select option 1 on the pop-up to activate the service)

3.  By dialing *50016#.

Then choose option 1 to select from a list of our sample messages, or select option 5 to choose your preferred package (Daily, Weekly, or Monthly)

4.  Activating through MyMTN App under Play Option.

(Note: Please follow the steps: – Log into MyMTN App >> Play >> CallerFeel >> Choose package)

Visiting https://bit.ly/2PZaPSV – enter your phone number and select the option to subscribe to this service

(Note: Please follow the steps; Click on the link >> Click on the login icon >> Input your phone number >> click on Get Code >> click on Confirm >> click on Get Code >> Input code sent to you via SMS>> Click on Login >> Choose Accept Renewal or Accept One-off)

How to update CallerFeel message

You can update your CallerFeel at any time by texting your preferred Message to 50016. You will receive an SMS informing you that your CallerFeel message has been updated.

CallerFeel updates are free as long as you are already subscribed to the service. And you can update your CallerFeel message(s) as many times as possible irrespective of the plan you are on (Daily, Weekly and Monthly unlimitedly).

To get tips to help you while using CallerFeel, dial *50016*7# and choose option 2. Or, text HELP to 50016 for free.

Note that your CallerFeel content will NOT be available on all calls, especially on the following:

  • Off-net calls (non-MTN telephone numbers)
  • International calls
  • Roaming calls
  • Callers on the Do Not Disturb Service.

And you have a limit of 127 characters to use as your CallerFeel display however if you use Emojis and Smileys, it deducts from the 127 characters available for use, as Emojis and Smileys are made up of characters and also take up more space.

If your CallerFeel exceeds the character limit, you will receive an error message advising you to reduce your personalized CallerFeel to 127 characters.

How to view CallerFeel display message

You can view your CallerFeel at any time by dialing ^*50016*6#. Or, by texting ‘Message’ to 50016. You will receive an SMS with your CallerFeel message. It is FREE.

And you can copy a CallerFeel message from anybody you call. To do this click “Ok” when the CallerFeel message of the person you called is displayed on your phone screen.

Kindly note that it is only if you are an existing CallerFeel subscriber that you will not be billed for copying the display message of another CallerFeel user. But if you are not an existing CallerFeel subscriber, you will be billed for copying a CallerFeel message. (You will receive a confirmation prompt for subscription and you will be billed accordingly)

You can assign different CallerFeel messages to different callers on your phone by texting the mobile number and the message to 50016. E.g. 080XXXXXXXX “you are the best friend I ever had” to 50016

And if you want to do more things on the CallerFeel website, it is possible. The following are the additional things you can do:

  1. Personalize your CallerFeel
  2. Assign different CallerFeel to different Contacts
  3. View your CallerFeel history
  4. Update your CallerFeel
  5. Modify your Password
  6. Allow CallerFeel from only specified numbers
  7. Block CallerFeel from specified numbers
  8. Invite friends
  9. View Help service and Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  10. Use advanced features like timed CallerFeel display and Emoji display.

What is MTN CallerFeel Box?

With CallerFeel box, you can automatically update your CallerFeel content with up to 10 messages based on predefined categories and the messages are displayed randomly for all your on-net callers to see. To subscribe to any of the CallerFeel box available, dial *50016*2#.

To view the different CallerFeel boxes available, text SCB to 50016. Then you will receive the message below:

Dial *50016*2# to view the available boxes and choose from the list.

How to deactivate CallerFeel subscription

You can deactivate your CallerFeel subscription at any time by:-

  • Texting “STOP” to 50016.
  • By dialing *447#


Doesn’t this look like ifa (awoof)? – advertising your business without paying a dime, except of course the cheap subscription fee. All this is because of the MTN CallerFeel service.

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