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Report: Kosovo emerges Russia’s next war target

by NaijNaira
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Kosovo Russia’s next war target

Russia has accused Kosovo of attempting to displace Serbs from the north of the Balkan country with new border rules that have renewed tensions between Pristina and Belgrade, as per The Moscow Times.

However, euractive.com has reported that Instead of seeking a diplomatic solution following the disaster it created with its invasion of Ukraine, Russia is seeking another conflict with Kosovo so that its aggression will look like second-class news, that’s according to Orhan Dragaš, founder and director of the International Security Institute based in Belgrade.

The Albanians are trying to impose their authority over the Serbs by forbidding them from having Serbian plate numbers.

The Serbs do not recognize Kosovo as an independent state.

Albin Kurti prime Serbian license plates on their vehicles by taking the license plates away.

After the Kosovo authorities announced the confiscation of license plates and ID cards from local Serbs, they organized a roadblock which saw Russia carry out a large-scale and aggressive hybrid operation.

The goal of the operation was to provoke a conflict, cause bloodshed and trigger the involvement of NATO in the armed conflict.

But Russia cannot stand aside while watching its ally, Serbia being cowed by western machinations.

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