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Top 10 Most Expensive Football Managers In The World

by Thomaz Oseghale
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Most Expensive Football Managers In The World

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Who is the most expensive football manager in the world? Note that being the highest paid coach in the world does not necessarily make them the richest coaches in the world.

What NaijNaira has chosen to do with this article is to look at mangers and how much their various clubs paid to get their services.

The top five Highest Paid Coaches In Nigeria Premier League are in that post along with their salaries. You can check it.

Let me now turn your attention back to who the most expensive manager in football history is.

Top ten Highest-Paid Football Managers in the World

10. Ronald Koeman – Southampton to Everton (€6M)

Koeman is the former coach of Barcelona. He comes number 10 in our list of most expensive football managers in the world following his move from Southampton to Everton in 2016.

This was a deal in which Everton had to pay Southampton a sum of €6M in compensation for the services of the dutchman.

9. Brendan Rodgers – Swansea City to Liverpool (€6.2M)

Brendan is currently the manager of Leicester City and he appears twice on this list as he has been the subject of two lucrative manager transfer deals in the past.

Rodgers took over as head coach of Liverpool in 2012 in a deal which saw the Reds pay Swansea City a compensation fee of €6.2M.

8. Mark Hughes – Blackburn Rovers to Man City (€6.2M)

Hughes is the head coach of Bradford City of League two (the fourth division of English football).

In 2008, Manchester City reportedly paid Blackburn Rovers €6.2M in compensation fee to acqire the services of Mark.

7. Adi Hütter – Frankfurt to Borussia Mönchengladbach (€7.5M)

Hütter is the former manager of Borussia Mönchengladbach. He joined the club in 2021 from Eintracht Frankfurt after Mönchengladbach paid a compensation fee of €7.5M to Frankfurt for the Austrian’s services.

6. José Mourinho – Inter Milan to Real Madrid (€8M)

Mourinho is currently the head coach of Roma. He is one of the greatest managers of all time and has been the coach of various clubs.

His move to Real Madrid from Inter Milan earns him the nmber six spot in this list as Inter were reportedly paid the sum of €8M by Los Blancos in compensation for Jose.

5. Rúben Amorim – Braga to Sporting CP (€10M)

Rúben is the manager of Sporting CP. He started his managerial career at Braga B (the reserve team of Braga) in September 2019 before taking over as the head coach of the first team in December that same year.

He remained their head coach for less than four months before attracting interest from Sporting who paid a compensaton fee of €10M to acquire his services.

4. Brendan Rodgers – Celtic to Leicester City (€10.4M)

Brendan is presently the manager of Leicester City and like i said earlier he appears twice in this list.

The second transfer which he was the subject of was his move from Celtic to Leicester City in 2019 when the Foxes paid a compensation fee of €10.4M to Celtic.

3. André Villas-Boas – Porto to Chelsea (€15M)

Villas-Boas is the former manager of Marseille. He is the third most expensive manager in the world following his transfer from Porto to Chelsea in 2011 in a deal which The Blues had to pay the Portguese outfit a sm of €15M in compensation fee.

2. Graham Potter – Brighton to Chelsea (€17.3M)

Potter is currently the head coach of Chelsea. He sits no. two in our list of most expensive football managers in the world following his move to Stamford Bridge from Brighton this September.

The seagulls were reportedly paid €17.3M as compensation fee.

1. Julian Nagelsmann – RB Leipzig to Bayern Munich (€25M)

Nagelsmann is the manager of Bayern Munich. He is the most expensive manager ever after he was appointed as head coach of Bayern in 2021 in a world record managerial transfer which cost the Bavarians a whooping sum of €25M.

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