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6 Most Valuable Leagues In Europe

by Abiodun Apena
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You dare ask a football enthusiast which league is the most valuable in Europe, they’ll gladly tell you it’s the English Premier League simply because it is the most followed league in the world.

These values are not based on what they generate but rather on what the league is worth in terms of sponsorship deals and television rights.

However, while the above statements is an undeniable fact about the league, it must be noted that other leagues in Europe can also rival the Premier League in terms of quality but not in valuation.

So which leagues are Europe’s most valuable in 2023?

Portugal – (Liga Portugal, €1.2b)

In terms of flexing muscles with the big boys in European football, Portuguese clubs have been able achieved that with aplomb and thanks to FC Porto for such success when they won Champions League.

In terms of the league value so much money has been pumped into the Portuguese Liga over the years, to give the nation some face-lift on the continental stage and with the success of their clubs in Europe you could say they’ve done well.

Liga Portugal may not be as lucrative as that of the English Premier League in terms of valuation, but it must be said that they’re one of the most famous and lucrative leagues in Europe with a mouthwatering worth of €1.2b.

France – (Ligue 1, €3.6b)

This season in Ligue 1 major headlines stories have been about Paris Saint-Germain and two of their most important players Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr, with clubs fan base clamouring for the exit of the Argentine and Brazilian.

While the above is an established statement about the Parisien, in terms of the valuation of the league it must be noted that Ligue 1 has always been a fiscally sound league because of the rules that govern the whole clubs.

The league executives or follower-ship may not be able to attract the kind of sponsorship deals and television rights that could rival that of the Premier League or LaLiga, but it must be noted that the league have done well for themselves in terms of their worth.

Germany – (Bundesliga, €4.3b)

The Bundesliga over the years have worked extremely hard to be one of the best leagues in Europe, by staying consistent in the UEFA Champions League and thanks to Bayern Munich for such feat.

With the league been one of the most exciting leagues in the world, plus combining that with the excitement and success you witness on the pitch you’ll agree with me that attracting lucrative sponsorship deals and television rights wasn’t a fluke.

Teams in the Bundesliga may not be make it through to the semis or final of the UEFA club football competition this season, but if they keep been consistent they could launch an assault on the competition next season.

Italy – (Serie A, €4.6b)

Racism, financial distress and abysmal football have eroded the Serie A in recent years, but with five of Serie A teams doing well in UEFA club competitions this season we can actually say the league is coming back to it’s glory days.

Come June, 2023, Inter Milan would files out to face Manchester City in this season final in Turkey, and looking at what their hard-work in getting to the final portend for the Nerazzuri it’s means more money and recognition for Serie A if they wins the trophy.

The Serie A may not be enjoying much spotlight as that of the Premier League and LaLiga for now, but with the teams in the league waking up from their slumbers it’s just a matter of time before we would start talking about them.

Spain – (LaLiga, €4.8b)

In terms of how lucrative or valuable the Spanish LaLiga is, the difference between the league and Serie A is very slim from the fiscal standpoint.

While teams from the Spanish LaLiga are known to be winners in UEFA club competitions, recently the only team flying the LaLiga flag high is Real Madrid and Sevilla in the second tier.

Real Madrid and Barcelona may be the kings of LaLiga in terms of their financial strength, but in recent time other clubs have also shown they can flex muscles in the market to bring on board marque signing all thanks to the sponsorship deals and television rights.

England – (Premier League, €10.4b)

The massive gap between the English Premier League and other leagues in the world in terms of worth is quite enormous.

With the Premier League confirmed to worth €10.4b, there is no doubt the league is the most lucrative football league in the world having consistently prove they can attract massive sponsorship deals and eye-watering television rights.

Though the English national team may not be as successful as other European big boys which includes Germany, Spain, France or Portugal, but it must be said that their league is the most lucrative football league in the world.

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