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MTN Uganda Mifi Data Bundles (4G WakaNet Prices)

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MTN Uganda Mifi Data Bundles

How do I buy MTN Uganda Mifi Data Bundles AKA 4G WakaNet Pocket MiFi?

MTN Uganda unveiled an innovative way to bring affordable internet into your hands with the introduction of a portable, 4G WakaNet Pocket MiFi.

This pocket-sized device supports up to 10 devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and more and is priced at just Ushs 75,000.

The WakaNet Pocket MiFi comes with 15GB of free data that does not expire no matter what package you choose – making it even more affordable for customers looking for reliable connectivity on the go.

MTN also offers top-up bundles starting from as low as 10,000 Ushs for 3GB of data, ensuring you get your money’s worth.

With its portability, affordability and flexibility in terms of packages available to purchase, MTN is committed to bringing digital solutions that are accessible to all.

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MTN Uganda Mifi Data Bundles

MTN Wakanet Mifi data bundles offer five cost-effective plans to choose from.

Each package is tailored to the customer’s needs, starting at 10,000 UGX for 3GB of non-expiring data and escalating up to 85,000 UGX for 45GB of data.

Here is a breakdown of the packages available: 3GB (10,000 UGX), 5GB (15,000 UGX), 12GB (30,000 UGX), 25GB (55,000 UGX), and 45GB (85,000 UGX).

To find out how fast your WakaNet MiFi connection is, download the free NetQ-UG app from the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store.

Alternatively, use Ookla’s Global Speed Test to monitor your connection speed.

How to Activate MTN Uganda Mifi Data Bundles Free 15GB

To activate the free 15GB of non-expiring data that comes with the Wakanet MiFi, all you need to do is fully register your sim card and get your MiFi device.

This should automatically enable the data bundles and you will be able to access the internet right away.

Note that your default WiFi network name and password can be found on the MiFi itself.

Additionally, users can purchase more affordable data that does not expire through either the MyMTN app or by dialing *165*64#.

WakaNet MiFi Portability

With WakaNet Pocket MiFi from MTN Uganda, users can enjoy portability and affordability without sacrificing internet connection quality.

The device only costs UGX 75,000 and can connect up to 10 different devices. It boasts 15GB of free data with no expiration date so you can save money in the long run.

Plus, it’s compatible with MTN smart devices and recharges easily through the MyMTN app for added convenience.

Perfect for families or businesses requiring simultaneous internet use, the MTN 4G LTE network ensures faster speeds than its predecessors.

However, bear in mind that this could lead to more data consumed in shorter amounts of time.

Ultimately, deciding whether you should go with MTN or its competitor Airtel depends on your ISP’s performance in your area.

Choose the one that allows the most simultaneous users for best overall results.

WakaNet MiFi vs Others

When choosing a portable Wi-Fi gadget in Uganda, people often have to decide between the Airtel 4G Pocket MiFi and the Wakanet MiFi from MTN.

Both devices offer the same specifications, with a maximum of 10 devices being connected to the shared hotspot.

The competitive advantage that Wakanet possesses over its rival is its far lower price point and data offers.

Although ultimately, it is necessary to assess which provider performs best in your area before making a decision, Wakanet may be considered a better option if cost is an issue for you.

In Closing

I believe you can enjoy fast, reliable internet services with MTN Uganda’s Mifi Data Bundles 4G WakaNet. With their data bundles, you will be able to stay connected to your entertainment and business whenever you need to.

They offer customised packages that have no expiration date and come with the fastest speeds around.

MTN Uganda Mifi data bundles offer unbeatable value for money and provide a competitive edge for businesses by ensuring high productivity and convenient access to information.

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