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New DStv subscription prices List for 2024

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New DStv subscription prices List

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How much is DStv subscription in Nigeria 2023? What is New DStv subscription prices? MultiChoice Nigeria announced that it will be increasing the prices of its DStv packages starting from May 1, 2023.

The new prices have an increment of 16.3% to 18.6% across the various packages.

MultiChoice cites economic challenges as the reason for the price adjustment.

Starting from May 1, 2023, MultiChoice Nigeria’s DStv and GOtv packages will have new subscription prices.

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New DStv subscription prices List

The DStv Premium package will see a price increase of ₦3,500 or 16.7%, going from ₦21,000 to ₦24,500.

The DStv Compact+ package will have an addition of ₦2,350 or 16.5%, jumping from ₦14,250 to ₦16,600.

Similarly, the DStv Compact package will increase from ₦9,000 to ₦10,500, a ₦1,500 or 16.7% increase.

The DStv Confam package, currently priced at ₦5,300, will see a 17% increment to ₦6,200.

The DStv Yanga package will get a ₦550 boost from ₦2,950 to ₦3,500, equivalent to 18.6%.

Lastly, the DStv Padi package will increase from ₦2,150 to ₦2,500, a difference of ₦350 or 16.3%.

It is worth noting that this price increase is not exclusive to Nigeria, as Multichoice had previously raised prices in South Africa in February 2023.

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Mixed reactions from subscribers

The price increase has been met with mixed reactions from subscribers, with some understanding the need for adjustments and others expressing disappointment and dissatisfaction.

It is important to note that MultiChoice Nigeria had previously slashed its prices in February 2021 to provide relief to customers during the recession and pandemic.

However, in March 2022, prices were raised again due to ongoing economic challenges.

As subscribers rely on satellite TV for their daily entertainment, the impact of these price increases on their budgets and viewing habits remains to be seen.

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