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Nigerian Navy Salary, Ranks, Allowances (2024)

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The Nigerian Navy is an essential branch of the Nigerian military responsible for defending the country’s territorial waterways. Like any other military branch, the Nigerian Navy has its own ranks and pay scales.

In this article, we will provide an overview of the Nigerian Navy’s salary, ranks, and allowances for 2023.

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Comparing Nigerian Naval Forces Salaries

When compared to other professions in the country, the Nigerian Navy is paid relatively better, considering the rising cost of goods.

However, it is worth noting that the salaries of Nigerian naval personnel are considerably lower than those in developed nations such as the United States and Canada.

For example, the average salary for naval personnel in the United States is approximately $12,7017, while the minimum wage for the South African Navy is R99,000.

These figures highlight the need for the Nigerian government to reevaluate the salaries of its naval personnel to attract more individuals to join the Nigerian Maritime Force.

 Hierarchy of Nigerian Navy Ranks

The Nigerian Navy is one of the three components of the Nigerian Armed Forces.

Unlike the Army and the Air Force, the Nigerian Navy’s pay scale is based on rank and seniority.

There are two tiers of ranks in the Nigerian Navy: Junior and Senior.

Naval officers start at the Junior rank and progress to the Senior rank as they gain experience.

Salaries in the Nigerian Navy are determined based on these ranks.

Updated Nigerian Navy Salary Structure, Ranks

The Nigerian Navy categorizes its ranks into two main groups: Commissioned Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers.

While the pay scale for non-commissioned officers has not been disclosed to the public, we have gathered information on the annual income for a few ranks in this group:

  • Cadet (Training): Between N471,038 and N534,773 per year
  • Warrant Officer: Between N1,022,320 and N1,192,499 per year
  • Master Warrant Officer: Between N1,783,029 and N1,962,697 per year
  • Navy Warrant Officer: Between N1,908,718 and N2,061,520 per year

The senior staff of the Nigerian Navy are commissioned officers who receive additional financial rewards along with their base pay.

Here are the ranks and their monthly and yearly salaries:

RankMonthly SalaryYearly Salary
Rear AdmiralN1,003,245N12,038,945

Nigerian Navy Training Allowances

Trainees in the Nigerian Navy are entitled to various allowances during their training. Here are the allowances given to trainees:

  • Trainee: N10,000 – 12,000 per month
  • Short Service Cadets: N15,000 – 20,000 per month
  • Regular Cadets: N25,000 – N30,000 per month

These allowances provide additional financial support to trainees during their training period.


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