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Paul Okoye Causes Stir With New Naira Notes Flap Comments

Okoye condemned their inaction during the pandemic when people were hungry and palliatives were being hidden by the same government. He said that had there been no elections they wouldn’t have said anything at all.


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Paul Okoye

Singer Paul Okoye of P-Square expressed his displeasure with the Nigerian Senate as they have now decided to act as spokesmen for the masses only after it has affected them directly.

Last Monday, the Senate asked for an extension of the deadline for exchanging Old Naira notes from January 31 to May 31, 2023, and granted citizens without a bank account access to deposit their money.

Paul questioned what would have happened if the issue didn’t concern them directly and said that during the pandemic, when palliatives were being hoarded away by government forces, they were nowhere to be found.

He suggested that had there been no elections this year, they wouldn’t even have spoken out on any issues at all.

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