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Paul Okoye confesses on CNN about their breakup, reuniting and new album

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Anything you see happening to music group, happened to us - Paul Okoye confesses on CNN

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P-Square, the Nigerian music group consisting of twin brothers Paul and Peter Okoye, were pioneers of the Afrobeats sound before music streaming became popular.

Despite experiencing both highs and lows since their debut in 2003, including collaborations with big names in the industry, the group split in 2017 to pursue solo careers.

However, they have now reunited and are working on their first album in nine years, with a planned release date of 2023.

In a recent interview, Paul Okoye acknowledged that the group has faced similar challenges to other music groups and that they felt their fans were disappointed by their split.

“Anything you see that happens to a (music) group, it’s the same thing that happened to us,” Paul Okoye told CNN’s Larry Madowo during a recent interview in Lagos. “Irrespective of how people want to look at it, we felt the fans were disappointed,” he added. “We’re humans. It’s normal.”

Nonetheless, they are excited to be back together and have already released a single to promote their upcoming world tour.

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