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Pep Guardiola: “My Time at Manchester City Could Be Short-Lived”

by NaijNaira
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Pep Guardiola has raised the alarm that his tenure as Manchester City’s manager could be short-lived if the team does not correct their course and respond to his challenge.

The Catalan coach has made unprecedented success with the club during his five-year term, with four league titles under his belt.

Despite extending his contract until 2025 in November, Guardiola intimated he isn’t sure whether he will stay much longer if standards start to slip.

He said he is personally familiar with the feeling of contentment that comes when a person achieves successes and how it can lack proper motivation.

“I won four La Ligas in a row when I was a football player,” Guardiola stated. “In the fifth (season) I was not the same, in the sixth I was not the same. I was not starving enough.”

Arsenal presently holds a five point lead over Manchester City in the Premier League standings, but City still have three matches against them before season’s end; one being an FA Cup fourth round match this coming Friday.

Hoping for an urgent turnaround from present events, Pep hopes his public prodding will spark life back into his defending champions.

He conceded that there could be a bright future for City if this happens:

“We are second in the table, we are not 25 points behind Arsenal. There are still 57 points still to play.

“What I am saying is playing in this way, (there is) no chance… our fans want the second half (against Tottenham) more often and that is what we have to find.”

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