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How power generation got to all time lowest of 43MW – FG

by NaijNaira
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power generation all time lowest of 43MW

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The recent one-day strike by workers of the Transmission Company of Nigeria crashed Nigeria’s power generation from a peak of 4,829.5 megawatts to as low as 43MW, data obtained from the Federal Ministry of Power on Sunday showed.

Staff of the transmission company, under the aegis of the National Union of Electricity Employees, shut down the country’s power grid last Wednesday, throwing businesses and other power consumers into darkness.

They went on strike in protest against a compulsory promotion interview for principal managers, unpaid entitlement, among other issues, and crippled the country’s power supply for several hours before the intervention of the Federal Government.

Latest figures obtained in Abuja on Sunday on the country’s power grid performance indicated that peak power generation on Tuesday before the workers’ strike was 4,829.5MW.

But as the workers turned off the power stations one after the other during their industrial action on Wednesday, as seen in viral videos that were circulated online, electricity generation on the grid eventually collapsed to 43MW.

It was further observed that as the grid restoration process commenced, power generation moved up to 215MW, which was the off-peak generation figure on Thursday, while peak generation on same day was put at 4,476.2MW.

Off-peak power generation on the grid was put at 3,421.7MW on Saturday, while peak generation on same day was 4,636.4MW. However, this dipped to 4,333.7MW as at 6am on Sunday.

The Federal Government had confirmed on Wednesday that the action by the electricity workers resulted in a collapse of the country’s grid.

Power consumer groups lambasted the Federal Government, TCN and NUEE for plunging the entire country into darkness for several hours due to the internal dispute at the transmission company.

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