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REVEALED! How Michael Jackson Performed the 45-Degree Stunt in “Smooth Criminal” Music Video

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REVEALED! How Michael Jackson Performed the 45-Degree Stunt in Smooth Criminal Music Video

Michael Jackson was known for his incredible dance moves and iconic performances. One of the most memorable moments in his career was the 45-degree lean he performed in the “Smooth Criminal” music video. This seemingly impossible feat left fans wondering how he was able to achieve such a gravity-defying stunt.

The secret behind Michael Jackson’s 45-degree lean was a patented shoe design and a clever use of physics. The shoes he wore in the video had a special heel slot that connected to a peg in the stage floor. This allowed him to anchor himself and maintain balance while leaning forward at an extreme angle.

The shoes were custom-made for Jackson and had a slot in the heel that would slide onto a metal peg in the stage floor. This peg would lock the shoes in place, providing the necessary support for the lean. The shoes were designed to allow Jackson to lean forward without falling over, creating the illusion of defying gravity.

However, the shoes alone were not enough to achieve the 45-degree lean. Jackson also had to master the technique of shifting his weight properly. By leaning his body forward and extending his legs backward, he created a counterbalance that allowed him to maintain stability while appearing to defy gravity.

Additionally, Jackson’s core strength and control played a crucial role in executing the stunt. He had to engage his abdominal and back muscles to hold his body in the lean position without losing control. This required immense physical strength and precise control over his movements.

It is important to note that the 45-degree lean was not performed live during Jackson’s concerts. The music video for “Smooth Criminal” was carefully choreographed and rehearsed to achieve the desired effect. The stage floor was modified with the pegs to accommodate the special shoes, ensuring a seamless execution of the stunt.

The “Smooth Criminal” music video was groundbreaking in its use of special effects and innovative dance moves. Michael Jackson’s 45-degree lean became an iconic image associated with his unique style and showmanship. It captivated audiences and showcased his dedication to pushing the boundaries of performance art.

While the 45-degree lean may seem like an impossible feat, it was a combination of clever shoe design, physics, technique, and Jackson’s exceptional talent and physical abilities. It remains a testament to his creativity and innovation as an artist.

In conclusion, Michael Jackson’s 45-degree lean in the “Smooth Criminal” music video was achieved through a combination of specially designed shoes, a modified stage floor, and his own physical abilities. The illusion of defying gravity was a result of his mastery of technique and his commitment to delivering awe-inspiring performances.

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