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Seun Kuti’s Arrest: Mr Macaroni Joins Voices in Condemnation

by NaijNaira
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Seun Kuti's Arrest Mr Macaroni Joins Voices in Condemnation

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Actor and activist, Mr Macaroni, has spoken out against the arrest of Seun Kuti by the Nigerian police.

While condemning the assault on a police officer by Kuti, Macaroni called for Kuti’s rights to be respected in their quest for justice.

He also urged the police to apply the same speed in seeking justice for citizens who are harassed and brutalized by the police.

Macaroni emphasized the importance of treating everyone with respect and dignity, and encouraged a society that promotes good over evil.

Kuti was granted bail by the Magistrate Court in Yaba and ordered to produce two sureties who own landed properties in Lagos State, with the police given 48 hours to complete their investigation.

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