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Sort Codes Of Banks In Nigeria Listed

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Banks Sort Code In Nigeria

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What are the Sort Codes of Banks in Nigeria? How do I find a bank’s sort code? Which banks have sort codes? What are the bank codes in Nigeria? What is the sort code for GTBank? What is the sort code for Uba? What is the Wema bank sort code? What is the sort code for Fcmb?

A sort code in Nigeria is a 9-digit number and an important factor in your bank account that identifies your bank.

The first three digits are the bank’s standard code, the next tells the bank’s location, and the last five digits are for the bank branch.

So basically, the sort code is used to know where the account originated and it is especially used for e-payments.

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How To Find Nigerian Banks Sort Codes

Most times, your sort code can be found on bank statements and in your online banking app.

Also, every bank check leaf has it too. If you take a look at one of your check leaves, there are three sets of numbers underneath the check leaf, the first is your check number, the second is the sort code and the third is your bank account number.

See a sample of Sort Codes of Banks in Nigeria in the image below:

Sort Codes Of Banks In Nigeria

Every branch has different sort codes. While the first 3 digits are always the same, the last six digits differ with the branch of the particular bank.

Giving out your account number and sort code is something you would have to provide when you are doing inter or intra-bank bank funds transfer, especially when you want to receive payments from banks outside Nigeria.

It’s generally considered safe to give out your account number and sort code, however, you need to be smart about it.

Do not share your bank details with people you don’t know or expect payments from.

Also, don’t ever share your PIN, card number, card expiry date and CVV number (that’s the three-digit number at the back of your ATM card). Note that the CVV number is what protects you against fraud and proves to online merchants that you have the physical card with you.

List Of Nigerian Banks Sort Codes

  1. Access Bank: 44150149
  2. Diamond Bank Plc: 63150162
  3. Ecobank Nigeria Plc: 50150311
  4. Enterprise Bank: 84150015
  5. Equitorial Trust Bank Limited: 40150101
  6. Fidelity Bank Plc: 70150003
  7. First Bank Of Nigeria Plc: 11152303
  8. First City Monument Bank Plc: 214150018
  9. FinBank Plc: 85151275
  10. Guaranty Trust Bank Plc: 58152052
  11. Keystone Bank: 82150017
  12. Mainstreet Bank: 14150030
  13. Nigeria International Bank (Citigroup): 23150005
  14. ECOBank: 56080016
  15. Polaris Bank Plc: 76151006
  16. Stanbic-Ibtc Bank Plc: 221159522
  17. Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria Ltd: 68150057
  18. Sterling Bank Plc: 232150029
  19. United Bank For Africa Plc: 33154282
  20. Union Bank Of Nigeria Plc: 32156825
  21. Unity Bank Plc: 215082334
  22. Wema Bank Plc: 35150103
  23. Zenith Bank Plc: 57150013

Wrap Up

Those are all the Sort Codes of Banks in Nigeria, have you seen that of your bank? If you need further information, visit any of your bank branches or call their customer care line for support.

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