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Union Bank Transfer Code/PIN: How to Register, Activate and Use It

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Union Bank Transfer Code

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This write-up explains how to easily transfer funds using the Union Bank transfer code. Here you will find how to use the mobile code to send money to Union Bank accounts and other Bank accounts in Nigeria.

Union Bank of Nigeria plc (UBN) has not relented in its ability to deliver top-notch banking services to its customers.

Since 1917 till now, the bank has continued to reach the unbanked and under-banked in every part of Nigeria with quality banking services.

Talk about the 21st-century method of operation and Union Bank comes to mind.

In Nigeria presently, they are among the leading banks in terms of financial technology. Their web banking, mobile app and USSD banking services are among the simplest and fastest in the country.

Using the Union Bank mobile money code, you can comfortably pay dealers of all kinds of goods and services by having the money transferred to them.

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Default Pin For Union Bank Transfer

Union Bank Transfer Code

You can do all these and more without stepping outside of your home. Just by dialing the USSD code, you can initiate and complete transactions within seconds.

The USSD code works hand in hand with your Union Bank account to deliver on-the-go banking service to you as a customer of the bank.

You can use it on any type of phone, provided you are with the mobile line linked to your UBN account.

So if you need to urgently send money to someone and the nearest UBN branch will take a while for you to reach, all you need is to dial this code on your mobile phone. Within seconds, the transaction will be processed.

The code works during or after banking hours, on weekends, Christmas, Easter or any other public holidays. You can use it 24/7 to send money to your friends and members of your family.

Below is the requirement you need:

  • Alert Number: The phone number register to your union bank account. It only works with MTN, GLO, Airtel and 9mobile (formerly Etisalat).
  • Code: The bank’s mobile banking code. It is different for different Nigerian banks.
  • Mobile Phone: As I said earlier, it works on any device that can be used to make and receive calls as well as check airtime balance. Putting the eligible devices to modems, feature phones, smartphones and some other networking gadgets.
  • ATM Card: You need some of the numbers on your Naira master, verve or visa card to complete the registration process.

How to Register Union Bank Transfer Code

  • Dial *826# with your alert number.
  • Reply with 1 (Activate Mobile Banking).
  • On the next page, enter your union bank account number.
  • Create a one-time 4-digit mobile banking (transaction) PIN. Make sure it is a combination you can easily remember.
  • Enter the numbers on your card. It might be the last 4 or 6 or both. Note that an expired card won’t work.

You should receive a confirmation that you have successfully registered your number for union bank 826 mobile banking and you can start to transfer funds, recharge airtime and check your account balance.

Union Bank To Union Bank Transfer Code

  • Dial *826*1*TheAmount*RecipientAccountNo# (Note that this code must be dialed through the mobile line associated with your UBN account. For example, *826*1*9500*1234567890#)
  • You will be asked to confirm the recipient and as well to enter your Personal Identification Number (Your 4 digits PIN for USSD transactions)
  • Once you have authenticated the transaction, a pop-up message will be shown on your phone screen telling you if the transaction is successful or not. Subsequently, you will receive an SMS alert on your mobile line to also inform you of the transaction status

That is how to transfer money from your Union bank account to another union bank customer using *826#.

Union Bank To Other Banks Transfer Code

  • On your phone, dial *826*2*TheAmount*RecipientAccountNo#
  • Select the destination bank from the list of banks that will be displayed on the screen of your phone
  • Confirm the recipient account name
  • Enter your 4 digits Personal Identification Number (PIN) for UBN USSD banking to authenticate the transaction
  • Once you have done that, a pop-up message will be instantly displayed on your phone screen confirming the status of the transaction

You will also receive a text message from the bank to confirm if the transaction was successful or not.

That is how to send money to non-Union Bank customers using the bank mobile banking USSD code.

Charges Applied to Each Transaction

Well for Union bank to Union bank transfers, the bank will charge you nothing. That means UBN to UBN transfers are free of charge. Yes, FOC!

However, for transfers to other banks using the USSD code, Union Bank will charge 10, 20 and 50 Naira depending on how much you are transferring, which is the official inter-bank transfer charge recommended by CBN.

Network Charges: Free for Glo, Airtel & 9mobile but MTN might attract 2-5 Naira.

Can this work with my current Account?

Of course. As long as it is an individual current account this code will work for you. Just like the ordinary savings account.

The only UBN accounts that are not allowed to use this code are the Corporate Accounts, Domiciliary accounts, Joint Accounts and Target Savings Accounts.

So if your bank account type falls under those restricted categories, the USSD code will not work for you.

Transfer Limit

N200,000. That is the maximum amount of money you can transfer in a day using the UBN transfer USSD code.

If you need to transfer more than that in a day, consider using other banking options to get it done or reduce the amount.

Creating Authentication PIN

Simply dial *826*5# and enter the 4 digits PIN you will like to be using for USSD banking transactions. It’s so simple that it won’t take you more than 60 seconds to set up.

Wrapping Up on All Union Bank Code

The advent of the mobile banking code has tremendously revolutionized our financial system.

It has made banking in Nigeria more easier, fun, faster and safer.

You should know that this code is not meant for just transferring funds but also for recharging airtime, check how much is left in your account.

Do not worry, you will always know if your transaction was successful or failed as you will be notified by SMS. See other banks’ USSD codes in Nigeria.


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