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Ranking The top 10 managers in Real Madrid’s history

by NaijNaira
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top managers in Real Madrid

Real Madrid are one of the world’s most decorated Football Club, the Los Blancos as they’re called have won the UEFA Champions League 15 times which is a record for Champions League winners.

They also are the first to win 10 UEFA Champions League titles and the first to also win the continental competition three times consecutively.

In Spain, they are the record winners of La Liga and throughout history, we have had so many remarkable managers and coaches who made this happen.

Meanwhile, have you seen the top 10 Real Madrid All-Time Top Scorers? How about the top 10 Football Managers With Most Trophies In The World?

10 greatest coaches in Real Madrid history

From the 1950s and 60s to modern times when managers have written and rewritten their history, we take a look at the top 10 managers in Real Madrid’s history.

10. Paco Bru

Honours: Copa del España (x2)

Paco Bru isn’t just a Real Madrid Manager but also a historic name in Spanish football. He’s been almost everything surrounding Spanish football.

He initially played for Barcelona and when he retired he practiced journalism, coached the Spanish national team, and also was a referee at some point.

He had 76 wins from 127 games at Santiago Bernabeu and two Copa España Copa del Rey in charge.

9. Fabio Capello

top managers in Real Madrid

Honours: La Liga (x2)

In two different reigns at the capital club, Capello couldn’t complete a single season but despite this, he surprisingly won La Liga on both occasions.

His problem was his defensive approach to games which didn’t win him many Real Madrid fans.

8. Jose Mourinho

top managers in Real Madrid

Honours: La Liga, Copa del Rey, Supercopa de España

Mourinho led Real Madrid to the league title in 2011/2012 winning 32 La Liga games from 38 matches played earning 100 points on the way to that feat

Unfortunately, his trophy haul was limited to La Liga once, Copa Del Rey, and the Supercopa De Espana.

Despite becoming Real’s coach during a strong Barcelona reign, he managed to build up a 72% win rate which is the club’s highest.

7. José Villalonga

Honours: La Liga (x2), Copa Latina (x2), European Cup (x2)

How can we forget this man, that won Real Madrid’s first manager to win the club’s first European title and the youngest manager to do so?

He also won a treble, the first man to do so for the club, he was 36 years old when he won the first European cup for Real, winning it and La Liga twice.

6. Luis Molowny

Honours: La Liga (x3), Copa del Rey (x2), Copa de la Liga, UEFA Cup (x2)

Luis Molowny won everything at least twice with La Liga lifted by Real Madrid three times under his watch.

Before coaching Real Madrid, he cut his teeth at Las Palmas. When he took over at Real Madrid he never does so in the long term. His longest was always a two-year duration.

5. Leo Beenhakker

top managers in Real Madrid
(Photo by Pro Shots/Sipa USA)

Honours: La Liga (x3), Copa del Rey, Supercopa de España (x2)

Leo Beenhakker is one of the most disregarded Real Madrid managers, winning La Liga three times, Copa Del Rey, and the Supercopa de Espana twice in three years.

He left his position as the coach of the Los Blancos in 1989 after several calls by fans to have him sacked.

4. Carlo Ancelotti

top managers in Real Madrid

Honours: Copa del Rey, Champions League X2, UEFA Super Cup, Club World Cup, La Liga.

Carlo Ancelotti won the landmark La Decima for Real Madrid after 12 years of wait in 2014. He didn’t win La Liga in his first stint.

He also set up the background for the successive recorded by Zidane, Ancellotti returned to Real Madrid in 2021 winning the La Liga and the UEFA Champions League double.

3. Vicente del Bosque

top managers in Real Madrid

Honours: La Liga (x2), Supercopa de España, Copa Iberoamericana, Champions League (x2), UEFA Super Cup, Intercontinental Cup

Vincent del Bosque is Mr. Real Madrid having been at the club since 17. He played more than 400 games for the club.

He started his coaching career with the Castilla, he was interim manager twice at the club before becoming the manager on a full-term basis in 1999.

He won a trophy in each of his four years in charge, and in the end, he won two Champions Leagues and two La Liga titles amongst others.

2. Zinedine Zidane

top managers in Real Madrid

Honours: La Liga (x2), Supercopa de España (x2), Champions League (x3), UEFA Super Cup (x2), Club World Cup (x2)

Zinedine Zidane’s time at Real Madrid is extremely short but well-loaded with title triumphs. He’s the first and only manager at the club to win consecutive UEFA Champions League titles.

He did that In his first time in charge at the club which ended in 2018, he returned less than a year later but failed to win anything.

He had two La Liga titles, two Spanish and two UEFA Super Cups.

1. Miguel Muñoz

top managers in Real Madrid

Honours: La Liga (x9), Copa del Rey (x2), European Cup (x2) Intercontinental Cup

Miguel Munoz will be hard to equal, he was at Real Madrid for 26 years straight as a player before becoming a coach.

Munoz spent 14 of those 26 years as a manager winning five La Liga titles on a bounce from 1961 to 1965.

He ended his reign with nine La Liga titles, two Copa Del Rey, and two European titles. He had fourteen titles at the end of his reign as coach overseeing more than 600 games.

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