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University Student Arrested For Allegedly Killing Boyfriend

A young woman, Safina Mohammed Adizatu of the University of Ghana, and her friend have been accused of murdering a man who is a citizen of Ghana but lives in Canada.

Safina Mohammed Adizatu killed the deceased who was her best friend while she was away for a few days.

According to what the police said, she and another man, Michael Fiifi Ampofo Arku, killed the deceased together.

They said the deceased visited Safina, who lives near Ashalley Bothwe School Junction, to sleep overnight so that the suspect and his entourage are killed.

After they killed him, they left his body in the house for twenty-four hours because they did not know how to bury him, but after twenty-four hours they put his body outside next to the car that was taken there.

After that, Safina called a policeman who was her friend and told the owner that the deceased was her guest, but suddenly he collapsed and died.

According to what the relative of the deceased said, he used to send money and gifts to the suspect before the incident.

Apart from Safina, the police are looking for other suspects in the man’s death.

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