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Why I Left My Law Career to Pursue Music: The Cavemen’s Kingsley’s Story

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Why I Left My Law Career to Pursue Music The Cavemen's Kingsley's Story

Kingsley Okorie, one half of the popular Nigerian highlife band, The Cavemen, recently shared the reason behind his decision to pursue a career in music instead of practicing law.

Despite being a certified lawyer, Kingsley revealed that music has always been his true passion.

After completing law school, he made the choice to pursue music professionally alongside his brother, Benjamin.

Benjamin, on the other hand, decided not to attend university and instead went to a music school to study music for two years.

The brothers eventually came together and formed The Cavemen.

Kingsley explained that while attending a civil litigation class in law school, he realized that he felt like he was in a cave, far away from the music scene in Lagos and Abuja where he could find gigs.

This led him to suggest the name “The Cavemen” to his brother, which they both agreed on.

Benjamin shared that he had been playing the drums since the age of 2 and when he expressed his desire to attend music school, their mother supported his decision.

With Kingsley pursuing his law career as the firstborn, there was no pressure on Benjamin to follow a traditional path, allowing him to pursue his true passion.

Music has now become their means of supporting their family.

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