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Top 5 Nigerian Pepsi Ambassadors and Their True Earnings

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Nigerian Pepsi Ambassadors

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Over the years, Pepsi has established itself as one of the leading beverage brands in Nigeria. Apart from its refreshing taste, Pepsi has also gained popularity through its association with some of the biggest names in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

These celebrities, known as Pepsi ambassadors, not only endorse the brand but also play a significant role in its marketing campaigns.

Here are the top 5 Nigerian Pepsi ambassadors and the amount they are paid:

1. Wizkid – ₦350 million

Wizkid, also known as Starboy, is undoubtedly one of the biggest music stars in Nigeria. With numerous hit songs and international collaborations under his belt, Wizkid is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

As a Pepsi ambassador, he reportedly earns a whopping ₦350 million annually.

2. Tiwa Savage – ₦300 million

Tiwa Savage, often referred to as the Queen of Afrobeats, is a talented singer, songwriter, and actress. Her powerful vocals and energetic performances have earned her a dedicated fan base both in Nigeria and abroad.

As a Pepsi ambassador, Tiwa Savage reportedly earns an impressive ₦300 million per year.

3. Davido – ₦250 million

Davido, also known as OBO (Omo Baba Olowo), is another Nigerian music sensation who has taken the industry by storm.

With his catchy tunes and charismatic personality, Davido has amassed a large following and has become a household name. As a Pepsi ambassador, he is said to earn around ₦250 million annually.

4. Burna Boy – ₦200 million

Burna Boy, the self-proclaimed African Giant, has gained international recognition for his unique blend of Afrobeat, dancehall, and reggae music.

His Grammy award-winning album, “Twice as Tall,” further solidified his status as a global music icon. As a Pepsi ambassador, Burna Boy reportedly earns a handsome ₦200 million per year.

5. Teni – ₦150 million

Teni, fondly called Teni Makanaki, is a talented singer and songwriter known for her soulful voice and relatable lyrics. She has won the hearts of many music lovers with her hit songs and infectious personality. As a Pepsi ambassador, Teni is believed to earn a respectable ₦150 million annually.

These figures are estimated earnings and may vary from year to year. However, it is evident that being a Pepsi ambassador comes with significant financial benefits.

In addition to the financial rewards, Pepsi ambassadors also enjoy other perks such as brand endorsements, international exposure, and the opportunity to collaborate with other talented artists.

It is important to note that Pepsi’s choice of ambassadors is strategic, as the brand aims to align itself with influential figures who resonate with its target audience.

By partnering with these top Nigerian musicians, Pepsi continues to solidify its position as a brand that celebrates talent, creativity, and success.

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