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Yoruba Council Urges Tinubu to Address Rising Tension in Lagos

by Thomasina Oseye
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Yoruba Council Urges Tinubu to Address Rising Tension in Lagos

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The Yoruba Council Worldwide has sent an open letter to President Bola Tinubu, urging him to intervene in the political tensions in Lagos.

The group, representing the Yoruba people globally, expressed concern over the conflicts between the executive and legislative branches of the state government.

They emphasized the importance of Tinubu’s leadership and guidance in maintaining political stability and unity in Lagos.

The group called for peaceful engagement and dialogue among all stakeholders to resolve the issues and ensure the interests of all parties are considered.

The full letter below:

The recent scenario concerning Lagos State Commissioner list brouhaha between the Executive and Legislative arm really deserves your fatherly review and leadership urgent intervention.

As President of Federal Republic of Nigeria, however, your continued leadership guidance, strategic engagement and tactical roles in Yoruba Land and particularly Lagos State political landscape and development remains very crucial and sacrosanct more than the past, most importantly to keep the foundation base politically intact.

Sir, having noticed the religious bickering and unmitigated attrition, and the attendant discords overtaken the fundamental democratic tenets, civil decorum and ethical principles in Lagos State between Mr. Governor and the legislative arm.

Hence, being the apex Yoruba umbrella body and mouthpiece of the entire Yoruba people globally, we deem it fit to call your urgent attention and intervention for the purpose of showing instructive guidelines and leadership direction as the Leader of Yoruba land.

Sir, your continued engagement with the political stakeholders in Lagos State and South West generally must be well established than ever before.

We understand the current enormous tasks before you, while we are fully aware of the current situation and discordant tunes of political acrimony, agreements and disagreements which are expected in political power calculus.

However, we strongly believe that any issue that can be managed internally and mutually as one solid and formidable political family, is not meant to be treated in the open as this will inevitably be viewed as lack of internal cohesion and mutual positively impactful engagement, consequently means the Yorubas washing one’s dirty linen in the open.

Sir, your impeccable practical leadership qualities and strength of political direction must be seriously brought to bear, particularly on all these defective developments and never in the history of Lagos is our development predicated on religious divisions between the Christians and Muslims, whereas if left unchecked the traditionalists may eventually thrown in the gauntlet in demanding their inalienable and funda rights too, that may consequently leading to a house of commotion.

By this singular test of your yet another leadership ability, capacity and capability, hence, your intervention role is more germane and so much required in order to salvage the imminent wrecking ship, not only in Lagos State, but entire South West generally.

We need to urgently stabilize the home front and ensure all interests are pleased across board, while the need for critical peaceful engagements of all strata ranging from political, socio-cultural organizations, religious and traditional stakeholders is necessary as well.

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