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Adekunle Gold Responds to Brymo’s Controversial Statement About His Wife

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Adekunle Gold Responds to Brymo's Controversial Statement About His Wife

Singer Adekunle Gold addressed Brymo’s ‘offensive’ statement about his wife a couple of days ago while touching on the hardship women encounter in the entertainment industry as well as other sectors of the economy.

Amid the promotional tour of his recently released fifth album, ‘Tequila Ever After’, Adekunle Gold made a guest appearance at Cool FM where he was asked to remark over the issue involving his wife and Brymo’s ‘unsolicited’ statement.

Speaking, AG Baby indicated Brymo’s comments and ‘desire’ were absolutely senseless and biased.

He suggested the incident was a perfect example of the many struggles women have to contend with not just in the industry but across all spheres of life; confirming all the claims made by his wife and other women on social media on the stated subject matter.

The “Ogaranya” songster said: “I’m as confused as you but I’m going to say one thing. I know for a fact that it’s a lot harder for women in the industry.

“I feel like they have to do extra, extra work to get attention; you know?! And it’s not talked about often but when people speak about it, they bash them.

“Every time Simi talks about the hardship of being a woman in the industry, I see the outrage on Twitter. Not just Simi, people talk about it, women generally.

“And I’m here to tell you guys that it’s hard. Like it starts from s3x for grade, things like that. Not even in the industry basically, it’s just everywhere.

“You want to take advantage of women and stuff, I would never subscribe to that. I think it’s total bias. And yeah, it’s really hard. I see the struggle every day.

“You want to make music and then you have to be involved s3xually with the person, it makes no sense to me”, AG baby stated, totally condemning Brymo’s confession where he claimed he craved to have s3xual experience with the females he collaborated with at the time.

Wrapping up, the Def Jam Recordings act said: “I want women to be left alone, let them thrive; please!

Last month, Adekunle Gold warned his colleague, Brymo against disrespecting his wife, Simi and family following his unsolicited exposé about her.

In his response to a tweep who suggested that AG baby should have featured him in his anticipated album, Brymo claimed he once asked for s3x from Simi when she requested for collaboration.

One Maskill tweeted: “Brymo suppose dey ur album.”

But the ‘Ara’ crooner, reacting to Maskill recommendation of featuring on AG baby’s upcoming album, ‘Tequila Ever After,’ claimed Adekunle Gold and his wife, Simi, had reached out to him for features, but he turned down their request.

He said he declined to work with Simi in particular because she refused to “get intimate” with him claiming he didn’t know she and Adekunle ‘were together:

He revealed it all sprang from his desire to have s3xual experience with the females he collaborated with.

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