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How to Watch Big Brother Naija on DsTv Channel (2022)


Big Brother Naija on DsTv Channel

This big brother Naija channel on DStv article will attempt to answer questions such as what channel is Big Brother on? Where can I watch BBNaija 2022? Is Big Brother Naija on DStv Yanga? Which DStv packages show BBN 2022?

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DStv is one of the few platforms where you can watch the sixth season of Africa’s biggest reality Tv shows both in the number of viewers as well as in the grand price.

This write-up is about the big brother Naija 2022 channel and the packages it is available on.

You can’t watch this show on the likes of StarTimes, TsTv or even Netflix. Why? Because its organizer is Multichoice; the parent company of DStv, GoTv and Showmax.

To be honest, I think they cover the base. DStv has numerous subscribers, but it can be quite expensive for many Nigerians to keep subscribing, which is where GoTv comes in.

Showmax on the other hand is for those that are always on the move and those that are outside of Africa which means they have no access to DStv services.

If you are not using Dstv, but have access to Gotv, you should check my write-up on how you can watch the show on the platform too. As for Showmax, just visit their website, sign up, subscribe and start watching.

Big Brother Naija 2022 Channel on DStv

Watch BBnaija season 7 live and 24/7 in Nigeria on channel 198 which is available on 5 out of the 6 DStv packages that include Premium, Compact Plus, Compact, Confam and Yanga. Customers on Padi subscriptions won’t have access to this pop-up channel.

The price difference between Padi and Yanga isn’t that much. So, if you really want to watch the show on your Dstv, you can just upgrade to Yanga.

big brother naija channel on dstv

Prices of DStv Packages Showing BBNaija Season 7

  • Premium: 21,000 Naira
  • Compact Plus: 14,250 Naira
  • Compact: 9,000 Naira
  • Confam: 5,300 Naira
  • Yanga: 2,950 Naira

Since Padi cost 2,150 Naira per month, its subscribers just need to add a few change in other to gain access to the BBN channel.

How to Follow BBN 2022 on Social Media

  • Facebook:
  • Instagram: @bigbronaija
  • Hashtag: #BBNaija

Wrapping Up

The show starts with a double launch event; the first one is on 23rd July 2021 and the second one on 24th July 2022 and the real part of the programme you are waiting for starts on 25th July 2022. It will air for 10 weeks.

You can watch the launch event on the dedicated channel mentioned above as well as on Africa Magic Showcase, Urban and Family. You can also catch up or watch highlights of the big brother Naija 2022 on these Africa Magic trio channels.

The grand prize for the 2022 BBN winner is 100 million Naira.

For those that do not want to watch or allow people to watch the show on their decoder, they can deactivate the channel by texting “BBNOUT IUC_Number to 30333 or simply enable the parental control option.

If you have subscribed on your DStv decoder but are always on the road, just download the NOW app to stream it online.