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DStv Self Service: 10 Things You Can Do With It

Do you have an idea what you can do on the DStv Self Service in Nigeria? A whole lot I must tell you. The Pay-tv company has made life easier no wonder they called it Dstv eazy self-service.

The Self Service is a feature that allows you to manage your account without getting in touch with the company’s Call Centre. This is done to satisfy customers and provide them with easy access to Dstv services.

With this, you no longer have to waste and burn your airtime waiting in queue to be attended to by a DSTV customer service personnel just to make payment and subscribe to the Paytv.

The Self Service Dstv can be done from your phone, tablet or computer. Now, you are in control with Self Service on DStv.

The following is a list of things you can do with the service:

DStv Self Service Nigeria: Can Do List

  1. Clear Error Messages: Error codes like E16, E19, E30, & E32 can all be easily cleared without the need of calling Multichoice customer service. See how to have them all cleared.
  2. View the amount due and due date on your subscription
  3. View your payment history
  4. Find locations where you can pay for your subscription
  5. Update your email address
  6. Update your mobile number
  7. Find a DStv Installer
  8. Update other personal information
  9. Access frequently asked questions
  10. Watch “how-to” videos and Get other useful information

The Code

With the simple Self Service short number: *288#, you can check your balance, pay your subscription, change your package and personalise your profile.

In addition, you can remain connected and deal with error-code issues on the MyDStv App too by simply tapping a few buttons. You can also auto-renew on the platform, upgrade your package, and rent blockbuster movies.

Wrap Up

Now you know what you can achieve with DStv Self Service, right? The self-service platform can fix errors, subscribe for packages, rent box office movies, and upgrade your subscriptions for you by yourself.

For further assistance to subscribe or set up your auto-renewal, you can reach out to a DStv customer service representative via WhatsApp on the following number: 09082368533.

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