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Free-to-air satellite in Nigeria 2024 – See the best Prices

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Free-to-air satellite in Nigeria 2022 – See the best

Free-to-air satellite in Nigeria has channels that are one of the best entertainment packages that Nigerians love.

Everybody just loves to turn on their decoders and enjoy entertainment without that backdoor feeling reminding them that they have to subscribe at the end of the month.

While this proposition always seems nice, the reality is that most satellite requires that you subscribe to enjoy them, and why this is fair, it means that you will need to spend monthly.

Nevertheless, several decoders offer great channels for free, and all you really need is to know how to get them.

The Best Free-to-air satellite in Nigeria 2023

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This article will list some of the best decoders that offer free services and the expected price to get them.

How Much Is Strong Decoder In Nigeria

Strong Multifunctional Free-To-Air Decoders

How much is Strong decoder in Nigeria? The price of strong free-to-air decoders ranges from ₦10000 to ₦35,000

For years, Strong satellite decoders have been considered the most popular free-to-air decoder and among the very best decoders in Nigeria.

While strong decoders have the subscription option, there are enough free-to-air channels to provide commendable entertainment.

Many people prefer strong as it is very convenient, easy to understand, and has various functions for a free decoder.  

Strong also comes with many channels, features, functions, and it is also very affordable.

You can purchase the strong multifunctional satellite decoder from e-commerce platforms such as Konga or Jumia. You can also get it from offline shops that sell different cable TV decoders. Cable TV consumers are very familiar with strong multifunctional decoders as they are available in every part of Nigeria

The High Points of Strong Free-To-Air Decoder

  • The memory capacity can take up to 10,000 channels with over 100 free channels
  • It has a video resolution of 1080i/p, 720p, 576i/p.
  • Strong provides consumers with a supportive multilingual subtitle.
  • Strong is 3D broadcast compatible through HDMI.
  • The decoder has the time shift, playback, and record features.
  • The decoder has a list of favorite radio and TV channels.
  • Strong makes use of the Teletext standards.

Power SAT 777SM HD Free-to-Air Decoder

The price of power sat free-to-air decoder ranges from ₦10000 to ₦15000

The Power SAT 777SMis an excellent free-to-air decoder available in Nigeria with interesting free-to-air channels.

Unfortunately, it is not popular amongst cable TV consumers, which is a shame as it offers a lot of free packages.

Power sat 777SM HD decoder is an affordable option with some cool features that consumers love.

You can purchase the decoder on their cable TV online store or on e-commerce stores like Konga and Jumia. You can also get the decoder from a local cable TV store in your locality.

The High Point of the Power Sat 777sm HD Free-To-Air Decoder

  • The resolution of the power sat decoder is at 156I/p.
  • The decoder support R&L, Coaxially, CVBS, and YUV.
  • The decoder has a dual-sim plus CPU with a capacity of 600 MHZ.
  • The decoder supports HDMI.
  • The decoder has the scheduled recording and PVR.
  • The decoder is a multi-language OSD.

The decoder’s USB is a 2.0 media player used for MKV, AVI, DIVX, MP3, JPEG, and several others.

QSat Satellite Free-To-Air Decoder

The QSAT satellite free-to-air decoder price ranges from ₦9000 to ₦13000.

QSAT is a pocket-friendly free-to-air satellite decoder with over 200 foreign and local free-to-air TV channels for consumers viewing.

One of the features consumers love about the QSAT decoder is that they can use the internet with no extra charges.

Another peculiar thing about the QSAT satellite decoder is that it allows consumers to access their favorite channels by slotting in a sim card without any subscription.

High points of the QSAT satellite Free-To-Air Decoder

  • The decoder uses an explanatory graphical user interface.
  • The decoder has a PVR and playback USB multimedia files.
  • The decoder EPG support has a present, next, and even seven-day display.
  • The decoder supports the use of a plug-and-play sim card.
  • The QSAT Q23g decoder has an avatacam account that is 1-year preloaded.
  • The decoder is a 264 type with full MPEG-4/4/DVB-S2.
  • The decoder’s internet key sharing is done through a mobile phone network.

Multi TV Multifunctional Free-To-Air Decoder

A multi TV free-to-air decoder price ranges from ₦10,000 to ₦17000.

Multi TV is a free-to-air decoder that provides Nigerian consumers with so many channels free of charge.

The satellite decoder is owned by multi TV, a Ghanaian company. The Satelite decoder has quite a following in Nigeria, and it is not unusual to see its receiver with Multi TV in front of Nigerian homes.

It offers free channels that periodically show Ghana home movies, Cartoons, African Music, and Nigerian Nollywood.

Multi TV, however, is not the most popular in Nigeria and is not evenly spread across the country.

Some states in the country even barely know if a satellite such as Multi TV exists.

High Point of Multi TV free-to-air Satellite Decoder

  • The decoder has a USB port.
  • The decoder is PVR-ready.
  • The decoder broadcast in 1080p.
  • The decoder is a full HD type.

TSTV Free-To-Air Satellite Decoder

The price of the TSTV satellite decoder ranges from ₦6500 to ₦12000.

When TSTV was first launched in Nigeria, many cable TV subscribers believed that TSTV free-to-air satellite decoder would overtake DSTV, a pay-tv giant in the industry.

The hype that surrounded the introduction of the satellite was its promise to feature top league matches such as the English Premier League, La Liga, and the UCL.

However, TSTV has not introduced all the packages they promised Nigerians. However, many Nigerians love and are enjoying their service to date.

TSTV has been providing Nigeria and other African countries with free to air channels, taking away the burden of paying for an expensive subscription fee. TSTV satellite provides Nigerian consumers with about 70 local and foreign TV channels.

You can purchase the TSTV decoder on online e-commerce platforms like Jumia and Konga.

It is also available in their nationwide offices or any shop that sells cable TV decoders.

High Point of TSTV Free-To-Air Satellite Decoder

  • The decoder has over 70 foreign and local TV channels.
  • The decoder is a full HD type.
  • The decoder can be connected through Wi-Fi.
  • The decoder is PVR-ready.


The above satellite decoders are among the best that you can go for if you desire to enjoy entertainment without subscribing monthly.

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