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FG Speaks on Coup Plot to Overthrow President Tinubu

by Vicky Oselumese
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FG Speaks on Coup Plot to Overthrow President Tinubu

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The federal government of Nigeria has categorically denied the news report of a coup scare in the country.

In a statement issued by the Minister of Information, Mohammed Idris, he stated that the report is false and a deliberate act of disinformation.

The government is determined to stay focused on its ongoing reforms and will not be distracted or intimidated. The minister emphasized that the report of a possible coup attempt is unequivocally false and described it as a heinous act of spreading false information. The government urges the public to disregard the report and not be swayed by it. The government further stated that the intention behind such fake news is to sow seeds of discord in the country.

It is evident that some individuals are resorting to publishing fake news to erode public trust in the government and destabilize national security.

The government reassures the public that it will exercise its rights within the laws to contain any rogue actions that threaten national security and the nation’s hard-earned democracy. The office of the special assistant on social media to President Bola Tinubu also dismissed the report as fake news.

Similarly, the Nigerian Army refuted the claims, stating that there is no truth to the report of a coup plot.

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