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How To Get Bank Sort Code In Nigeria + Examples & Formats

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How To Get Bank Sort Code

How can I get a bank sort code? Knowing your bank’s sort code is important if you want to transfer money into or out of your account.

A sort code is also known as a routing number and it is used to identify the location of the bank or financial institution where the account is located.

The code consists of 9 digits, representing three sets of numbers uniquely assigned to each financial institution.

You can find your bank’s sort code on your statement or other official documentation from the bank itself.

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What’s a Bank Sort Code?

A sort code is a number sequence used in the United Kingdom and Ireland to identify the bank, branch and account associated with a transaction.

They are typically 9 digits long and are used for routing money transfers between banks.

In Nigeria, it includes specific information about where an account is located, helping to ensure funds go to the right place.

When Will I Need it?

Sort codes are necessary whenever you need to transfer money from one account to another, whether it be within the same bank or a different bank.

You might also require your sort code when sending or receiving money from an overseas bank and for other electronic transactions.

To summarise, you will almost certainly need your bank’s code at some point.

What details does it show?

A sort code is a nine-digit number that serves as an identifier for a specific bank branch.

The first three digits are the bank’s standard code, the fourth digit indicates the location of the bank, and the last five digits indicate the specific branch.

How to Find it

Not sure where to find it? You can look it up in a few different places.

First, open up a checkbook you’ve received from your bank and you should see three sets of numbers listed on the bottom. The first number is typically your cheque number, the second set of numbers is the sort code for your bank, and the third set of numbers usually refers to your account number.

If that doesn’t work, you can also inquire directly with an official representative at your local branch.

One other quickest and most efficient method is to search for it using Google.

Your search query should include the name of your bank and the state in which you opened the account, eg: “sort code for *** Bank in **** state”. This will help narrow down results to branches within that state.

Once you have identified your branch, the sort code number will be displayed – make sure to save this information for later use!

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