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Job Losses Loom for Dangote Refinery Workers in Lagos State

by NaijNaira
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Job Losses Loom for Dangote Refinery Workers in Lagos State

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There is a possibility of job losses for workers at the Dangote refinery in Lagos State.

Despite reports that the refinery has been completed, a video circulating online shows two workers claiming that work is still ongoing.

This revelation has sparked mixed reactions, with some suggesting that the workers have indirectly caused their own job losses.

The refinery, which was inaugurated in May 2023 and was scheduled to start operations in June, is a multi-billion naira project.

See reactions below:

el_cardinal: Na so you go take lose your job… instead of you to focus on your job and getting paid and then keeping your mouth shut! Because there are a million and one people waiting to take your place when you lose that job because of your loud mouth

gataluxury wrote: “That’s how some people will loose their daily bread cos of foolishness”

sleepwear_ing wrote: “Now you’ll lose your job. Why not quietly work and collect your money?”

lolo_star wrote: “Na waaaaa… see these comments. Yet we’re upset world bank is rewarding bad behaviour by hiring someone most believe isn’t deserving. Yet one honest person speaking out and most are trying to silence him that he’ll lose his job. Do you all really think he didn’t think of the consequences?if he loses the job, so what?? What sort of generation be this sef? Most of you know what is right, want what is right yet are too cowardly to take the plunge. He may lose his job yes, but at least he has earned a clear conscience. And before any myopic clown says sleeping better at night won’t pay the bills. Understand that whatever good deed sown will be reaped, same goes for evil”

bentybenz wrote: “School is not a scam. These ones just sacked themselves. You can only do this if you don’t get paid for your services there. You just lost your job just because of a 10 seconds video of you being f00lish. School is important”

shakagwase wrote: “I don’t blame the elite who refuse to hire Nigerian helps. Nigerians just love to go into a place to demystify and expose everything happening there. We don’t need this information and there was absolutely no need to tell us this, mind the business that pays you and go home”

bbmaternity wrote: “You are about to lose your jobs. And strict rules would be put in place! Work finish or not…. Are you being owed salaries???”

ugo_chicago wrote: “Many of us know say work never finish, it’s 80% complete. Making this video is so unnecessary”

aondoh wrote: “Na who video you come post be your greatest enemy”

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